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The Good Wife -Ham sandwich -recap

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Written by : published Thursday 24th March 2011

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Kalinda's dirty laundry has some ugly truths hidden inside. Blake gives Cary and the D. A. Childs enough evidence to subpoena Kalinda for a grand jury investigation. Childs is still dangling Cary with money not paid and no salary commitment. The D. A. also endorses Wendy Scott-Carr for the election. Childs can pursue Lockhart Gardner business practices without the appearance of a conflict. Diane and Will urge every attorney not to lose any clients.
Florrick is doing better in the polls. But Eli is told by the national party chairman that Peter Florrick's campaign needs to be whitewashed for blue collar voters. The chairman says Eli needs to get the black faces off the website. Florrick needs blue collar whites.  Grace learns from Jimmy Patrick via YouTube that Jesus was black, and scans the new campaign brochures with all white people in them. As Eli cancels the visible appointments Florrick has with his black minister Dr. Isaiah, Grace makes friends with him and asks questions about God. Dr. Isaiah believes in global warming too.
Grace gets into Eli's planning, pushing Zack and his Somalian girlfriend into the spotlight to force a point. Alicia realizes if Peter speaks at Zach's school then there will questions and pictures of Zach with his girlfriend. Eli points out that when race wasn't an issue Alicia didn't want the kids involved but now race is an issue she is pushing them forward. Alicia blames Eli for voter politics, claiming he makes it all up in his head. The black girl hears the fighting at the Florrick home over her and isn't sure what to make of it. Kalinda says Alicia's problem is that she didn't get her tubes tied.
City Hall still wants to get closer to Lemond Bishop. But first Childs wants to prove that too many people leak to Kalinda. The jury summons is delivered. Will is startled to realize Blake is behind it. Alicia says that Chicago juries can indict a ham sandwich, Kalinda is to take the Fifth Amendment with everything, every question. Alicia is shocked to hear Blake framed her with the glass and all about the baseball bat attack of Dr. Booth. Kalinda does not tell her about the fake identity. Will speaks to Blake, who reminds the partner that Will's theft got covered up and he could babble about that as well.

Bishop discusses the partners' breakup and Bond being gone. He uses Lockhart Gardner to handle his divorce, and the 800 pound gorilla in the room is his drug business. Lee handles the divorce, while a  new young white lawyer handles Bishop's wife's side of it. Bishop loves his kids but his legitimate businesses are almost broke. His wife is furious and Lee wonders why she is trying so hard to get more money. He says usually they just want to get away. The other lawyer says she has control of the kids.

Lee says the divorce won't happen if he starves the wife of money. They observe this isn't the safest case for the wife's new young lawyer to take on. David Lee asks if he plans to have the mediation in his mother's living room. But Alicia senses an affair. She puts Kalinda on it. Kalinda finds hotel room stays for Mrs. Bishop scheduled concurrent with the divorce proceedings. Lee wants to find out who it is. (Alicia sees touching between attorney and client).

Bishop's young son is brought into the divorce mediation. The wife is furious that on paper Bishop is broke, because she helped build the businesses. The son is obviously kept in the dark about how his dad earns a living. When the child starts revealing being hurt by accusations of his father's criminal dealings, Bishop admits for negotiations' sake the drug businesses exist on the side. (Childs couldn't make the case.)

The figure of Bishop's drug business is estimated to be at $80 million. That's an account Lockhart Gardner needs. Bishop says Derek wanted him but he might get better service from the partners, who fall all over themselves to help. Lemond Bishop was not expecting a call from a divorce lawyer. Bishop can't handle that his wife is leaving him and that his kids see him on TV as a drug lord. When Bishop is out of the room, Lee mocks him, saying  now I've seen everything, "The Drug Lord in Love".

The settlement offer Bishops asks Lee to make is of a $1 million plus $100,00 a month, and this is denied. But Alicia senses the attorney, (the one Mrs. Bishop is sleeping with) has gotten greedy and the whole divorce has gotten out of hand. Meanwhile Kalinda is put under great pressure to stay under 5th Amendment protection under Cary's questions in front of the grand jury. Childs wants blood. Blake has admitted doing things for Bishop and looking after his interests "on the side". Now Blake says Kalinda beat up the doctor from the Lockhart Gardner pharmaceutical case. (Blake does not mention that Will put him up to the beating).

The next day waiting for court, the young attorney runs screaming into Bishop, saying that Bishop killed his wife. Bishop tells him to watch his words. Lee tells him to get this matter discussion out of the hallway. Alicia is shocked but probitive. Kalinda needs preparation for more questioning. Kalinda and Alicia have beers, and the lawyer mentions that at home, Grace suggests to Alicia that she drinks too much wine. Alicia wonders where all her friends have gone.

At the next D. A. session, Kalinda answers with the 5th amendment, until Cary gives her  a weird look. Then she says she did call Blake and make contact, at the hotel he was going to. But she didn't talk to him because he was with another woman. (This is the hotel where Lemond Bishop's wife was found murdered). Kalinda suggests if questioned again Blake will disappear.  This suggests Blake "handled" Mrs. Bishop for his boss.
Later Cary calls Alicia to say that Blake came in for more questioning and then after Kalinda's statements were read, he disappeared. Alicia does not hang up right away, and Cary jumps into the breach. Alicia asks how he is. Alicia and Cary trade the first civil words since Alicia got him kicked out of Lockhart Gardner for snorting cocaine on the job. He says it's tough sledding at the D.A.'s office and she wishes him good luck.

Alicia and Kalinda go for tequilas. Alicia points out to Kalinda that Cary helped her. Blake texts her to meet, as a disbelieving Alicia looks on. Eli has reminded her to get a big house, but she likes the apartment. Kalinda says she likes the apartment too. Alicia comments that when she was a politician's housewife they sat around talking about their weight. She says to a thoughtful Kalinda that they wouldn't have liked each other back then. Kalinda says to Alicia that she is collecting friends like her and Cary for the end times.

Meanwhile Kalinda sees Blake coming in the parking garage and gets her baseball bat to go talk to him. He says he finally realized why she was so protective of her change of identity. He says Peter Florrick must have helped her, back when she worked at the D. A.'s office and she must have slept with him. She overreacted when ever he mentioned Alicia, which tells Blake now he has the upper hand. He knows that both Alicia's friendship and her Florrick dirt could ruin Peter's career, and says he told this to the Childs D. A.'s office (the same D. A. Florrick just blackmailed into quitting). Kalinda's dirty laundry could ruin them all.

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