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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Episode 13 – Stick a fork in it

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Written by : published Thursday 9th May 2013

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Dawn arrived at a crossroads tonight – a fork in the road – and the outcome was brutal.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 13 of Survivor: Caramoan, and then be sure to read my weekly Episode Recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

Of course, I’m talking about the big decision tonight that sent Brenda home, in one of the toughest, cruelest-feeling Tribal Councils in recent memory.

The reason it’s cruel is also the reason why Survivor is the best game on the planet.  People don’t lie, cheat and steal to the extent that they do within the game, and playing the game solely on “the high road” has proved impossible for pretty much everyone.  Still, there are real feelings and real people at play out there, so when we see backstabbing and blindsides occur, we normally cheer.

But in the case of Brenda – in my household anyways – this was an angry post-Survivor atmosphere.  Brenda not only played the game honorably and was good in challenges, but with Dawn specifically she seemed like her emotional rock, the one person Dawn could go to and the beacon of light during her emotional crazy storms that seemed to blow in and out nearly every episode.  I mean, Brenda swam to the bottom of the pond to get your teeth!  Had she not done this, Dawn threatened to quit the game.  Brutal I tell ya, that Dawn would slit Brenda’s throat in the game like she did.

But let’s level with each other:  Brenda was no angel out there.  Her “genuine” decision to give up her loved one visit for the rest of the tribe was equal parts strategy and thoughtfulness…OK, it was mostly strategy.  Brenda also had brought up Cochran’s name as her next target, so she can’t be too surprised that there were others gunning for her too.  But in the case of Dawn, it just seemed like a tough blow.  After the smoke clears though, ask yourself this crucial question:  Was the blindside of Brenda in Dawn’s best interest?

The jury – literally – is still out on this.  Dawn has clearly decided to go to the end with Sherri and Cochran at this point, but had she chose to go up against Brenda and, say, Erik, she probably would have lost.  Problem is, she will probably lose up against Cochran as well.  Is there a scenario where Dawn can win?  It doesn’t seem likely anymore.  Even if she continues to slash throats and ends up in the end against any of the others, there is likely to be a pretty bitter jury when it comes to Dawn winning at that point.

Cochran on the other hand, spoke the absolute gospel in the Finale Preview when he said, “This game is mine to lose.”  He’s had little opposition the entire season, has even managed to win a few physical challenges and has been the person calling the shots the entire game.  There isn’t a single sole on the jury with any reason to be mad at him.  The only way he doesn’t win is if he doesn’t make it to the end.  There would have to be a catastrophic shake-up for that not to happen, but the way this season has played out thus far, anything is possible.

So who will win Survivor: Caramoan – Eddie, Erik, Sherri, Dawn or Cochran?  Be sure to tune in for the 2-hour Finale this Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST on CBS, followed by the Live Reunion Show.  There are suggestions that a medical evacuation may take place, which will only add more drama to the already heart-breaking finish in store for four out of these five people.

We’ll see you back after the Finale for my closing thoughts on the season!  Thanks for reading and for the support!

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