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NCIS LA -Enemy Within - Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 24th March 2011

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Two men meet on a Malibu Pier, and exchange envelopes. They warily look around but are being photographed covertly. One of them doesn't make it back to the truck alive. The other man is identified by the photos emailed to the NCIS Los Angeles email address. He's an intelligence officer with the Navy. The state department can't get a handle on it. The details passed are of Valenzuela President Medina's visit to the United States.

Hetty flags Deaks for defense preparation classes. She makes Kenzi his close personal defense officer. The team give Deaks a hard time because they think his LAPD liaision duty makes him a  slacker beside them. Their advanced knowledge of tactics and terms leaves Deaks out in the cold on missions. Deaks prefers disguises.
But the man who passed an envelope to the man on the pier in Santa Monica is dead of  garrote neck slicing. How did he know the victim? They identify the body as belonging to a daily "back of the truck" day laborer. The truck was driven by a woman. She used the laborer to pretend to be the Naval officer's source. The missing Navy man is a straight arrow, no chance of going rogue.

The Naval honcho meets them at the boat shed. He shows them the naval assessments of the man named Medina, a rising Venezuela politician. Callen realizes the intel about Medina was being ignored. One of the tipoffs was a exploratory software that analyzes lifelong oral speeches and statements to flag irrelevancies and variables in motivation and character. Medina's broad soapbox addresses flunk this test.
Nell shows off her knowledge of the software used but the navy official pulls rank on her.  Callen realizes the boss didn't believe the intel that Medina was a dangerous threat to the United State foreign policy. Nell shows Callen and Sam speeches by Medina using powerful rhetoric. Iranian nuclear arms and changes in Southern hemispheres of power can change if Medina is elected. His words point to an ambitious agenda that does not favor the United States policy.

Sam and Callen question the dead man's niece, whose family are all from Valenzuela. They find the hotel setup with the Medina itinerary and a gun waiting. The woman paid for the hotel in cash for a month ahead of time. The NCIS officers realize that if the missing Naval officer is being used then only his daughter could be the reason, and they fake a kidnapping to keep her at the shed. They track his calls making sure they are all right to a place in the valley where the kidnappers have him stashed. They crash the house and find him drugged and under guard.

The whole thing was a setup. Callen and Sam realize the target is Medina to grow anti-American sentiment abroad. Even if Medina is shot, the saboteurs of his visit accomplish something against the West. The man behind it all was in the Venezuelan army with Medina. The dark haired woman was his mistress. They were going to put the Navy man in the hotel suite and frame him for the Medina murder. He fell for Helen and never saw the trap coming.
They track Medina's route through Los Angeles and bring the Navy man with them. Kenzi cruises in a black dress, while Sam is a waiter. Callen wears a maroon jacket, playing facilities host, and Deaks pretends to be a guest. When Medina enters, his cortege follows. The NCIS team watch to see which of these are startled to see the Navy man there. Medina starts his speech.
One man flees when he sees the Navy man there instead of drugged at the safe house, and Sam plows into him. Callen shadows another man, who looks over his shoulder and then starts running. Helen, the woman, comes and goes in a red dress. Kenzi chases her and tackles her into a fountain, where Helen pulls a gun, except Deaks has come from nowhere and disarms her. All the plotters are arrested. Hetty tells Medina's people there was a problem with smuggling things through customs.
It's time for Hetty's test of Deaks' field skills, with Kenzi weighing in. They go to the indoor firing range, where Deaks accurately shoots threat targets that pop up. He then shoots Hetty's target when it pops up, a jaw-dropping moment. Hetty realizes Deaks' field skills are very solid and his supposed inability is part of his disguise. She calls him a smartass.


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