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House-Out of the Chute-recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 23rd March 2011

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A young rodeo rider prepares in the chute for the next bullride. He narrates the most thrilling 8 seconds of his life. As he sets off into the ring, he moves in slow-motion, his thinking bracing for every jolt and countermove. To the watching audience, it's a thrill ride at a lightning pace. He gets off but while still in the ring the cheering of the fans turns to screams. The rider stands staring as the bull heads straight for him. The bull heads straight for him and pounds him almost to death.

The House hospital team can't x-ray the man because he already has so much metal in him it's impossible. House is so depressed over his breakup with Cuddy he checks into a hotel with a steady stream of prostitutes and Vicodin paving the way. He has his life savings in a bowl in cash to give out. He stays in telephone contact with the team. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) appears and tries to talk to him. But House doesn't want to change. Wilson gets a dual massage with House, pondering the merits of 5-star breakup recovery.

Cuddy can't be budged into getting back into House's life either. House orders a prositute that can play the hurdy-gurdy. The team debate the patient, House's work ethic, Cuddy's dumping of House, and whether indulging in Vicodin makes House the best call to supervise the team. Meanwhile the champion bullrider has blood coming out of his mouth. His eyes turn yellow during a scope surgery.

The young female doctor (Amber Tamblyn) starts falling for the cowboy, and is repeatedly prodded over this by the other older doctor Masters. They can't really find out what's wrong with him until they test his balance, which is extraordinary. They realize Lane, the cowboy,  has an infection either in his heart or in his brain when his fungal growth on his feet are detected during invasive procedures. House holds a meeting in his hotel room, with the prostitute in bed next to him.they look at x-rays.

Masters denounces House for his unprofessionalism and immaturity.
The situation grows very serious, because House must advise the team to open up the bullrider's heart to fix something they aren't sure is there. The next laser procedures on the cowboy burn him badly, and are unnecessary as it turns out. The one doctor could swear a mass had bene present that this not show up later on the x-rays. House says then it's an intermittent infection that swells and fades, very dangerous. Johnson approaches Cuddy again about taking up with House, saying he needs her.

House meanwhile uses a prostitute with an apple on her head for target practice and the medical call includes screams of panic from the concierge when she falls struck with House's arrow. he said what was the risk when a doctor was only 8 paces away. (The William Tell Overture plays in the background). The hospital doctors hear the incident, then they hear Dr. House laugh as House's prank is detected by the concierge. House then asks for General Patton's Colt 45, and Johnson coming through the door says no, he doesn't get a gun. Wilson says to House that he's bored and looking for excitement.

House realizes the symptoms have been presenting but do not mean what the patient thinks. His "blackouts" may be compensation of his brain for missing moments of consciousness. That's why his body and brain arrested in the ring, he was having a blackout of sensory information when the bull was charging at him and he didn't see it. Cuddy shows up to contest the seriousness of the proposed procedure and the risk. It's not clear if this was a ruse to get her talking to him again. More than one doctor questions House's judgement. Cuddy tells Wilson House's addiction is not her problem.

 House comes to the hospital and questions the bullrider cowboy patient. He asks if the coyboy isn't scared to lose his ability to ride a bull anymore. The coyboy says he can find something else to love, he needs to survive. The surgery is very tricky, but the doctors pull it off. House himself is stunned. He seems to be tensed for a huge debacle and wanders off to the bar. The aging barman points out to House that the young party crowd can act loud and irresponsible but he's past that age. House downs his drink and looks longingly at them.

Then he goes to his hotel room alone, with the debris of his excesses around him. He takes his Vicodin, musing on the lack of excitement and the meaning of the pain he's in. Cuddy has told Wilston that House is not capable of being there for her, and she can't be there for him when she's dying and needs her attention to her own issues. A song starts about how the body is a prison keeping you from the one you love. Then he walks to the balcony, getting up on it and standing on the edge. Will he jump?

 The party crowd below includes a questing Wilnson who looks for House there. Then everybody looks up to see House standing on the ledge. House jumps, performing a cannonball into the hotel pool. He comes up smiling, the life of the party. Will he do anything for excitement? Dr. House comes up to cheers from the party crowd and swigs a bottle at the staring Wilston, who turns away. Like everyone else he has had just about enough of House.

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