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How I Met Your Mother-Legendaddy-Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 23rd March 2011

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Barney's dad Jerry (John Lithgow) shows up in his life after a long wait. They get to know one another and the group causes an intervention because he isn't telling the truth. Barney's dad got his letter. But Barney calls the super while trying to fix the big screen TV they call the super for a screwdriver. The gang refer to their various errors.  Ted mispronounces the world "chamoleon" in front of his class. Lisa doesn't know the North Pole exists. Lily has horrible aim. They all have their faults. The gang caution Barney that he might get hurt by the father who abandoned him. (Barney repeatedly mentions a rotating Vietnamese Shame Wheel).

He tells the gang that his dad (Played by John Lithgow) is supercool and a tour manager for rock bands. Barney is over the moon because his dad is "legendaddy" who mimics his own cool drink order and hits on young women. Barney says his father is the mother of all  fathers. He says his father has invited him to tour the Asian leg of the Rolling Stones with him. Barney's version features his father just like him, crude humor and misogynist ways. He says he'll be touring with Bon Jovi. The gang worry the father is misleading Barney.

But when the gang see the dad at the bar, he asks for their help. He says he is a driver in White Plains and now Barney won't return his calls. Barney has built up his image of his father for so long the reality can't match the dream. The real dad is normal, mediocre to Barney's taste. His nonfiction books and fictional book concerning asparagus bores him. He drinks skim milk and had heartburn. He goes to sleep early. he invented a word that means fumbling for keys. He is the Lebron James of drapes.

He says he stopped being a roadie years ago. He says the hard partying is behind him, to Barney's disappointment. Barney is gently reminded by Marshall that he can't always have the chance to see his father. Barney gives in an goes to dinner with Jerry's new family with daughter in college and another son. To Barney's horror they are wearing matching sweaters.Barney compeets with the much younger son J.J., and gets upset that JJ gets the normal suburban dad he never had. Barney tries to wrench the basketball hoop off the garage. Jerry shows him how to work a screwdriver to gte it off.

Marshall says to the gang they treat him with kid gloves since his dad died.They finally let loose and tell him that he misses belt loops, puts too much water in oatmeal, and other errors. At Ted's new house Barney brings the basketball hoop, and the gang understands.


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