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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Episode 8 – Another decision that is hard to swallow

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Written by : published Thursday 4th April 2013

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It was a “Survivor Classic” Immunity Challenge in tonight’s episode, one that appeared on the very first season of the show back in 2000, where contestants raced to gobble down some nasty delicacies such as beetle larva, duck embryo and pig brains.  But ship worms weren’t the only things that were hard to swallow during Episode 8:  So was watching a player make a huge boneheaded decision that ended up being quite costly.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 8 of Survivor: Caramoan, and then be sure to read my weekly Episode Recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

The player in question, of course, is Corinne.  I must say that I like Corinne and was super-excited to see her playing Survivor again.  And to be fair, none of us have live on an island with Phillip, let alone nearly three weeks, all of which Corinne describes as being “even worse than his first season.”

But what a costly mistake.  What I’m referring to is her conversation with Phillip that had her pushing for a unanimous vote-out of Sherri.  It seems that her frustration with Phillip and her overall annoyance with her fellow Favorites led her to have a momentary lack of judgment in the game.

The mistake was this:  She had Michael, Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie (along with herself) locked in for a sure-fire alliance of five.  When Phillip brought up splitting the votes, 4-4, between Reynold and Eddie, this news should have been met with complete compliance and maybe even a little poop coming out, in excitement for hearing an absolute dream-scenario unfolding before her.  Had she gone along and had the Favorites split the votes, they wouldn’t have even needed Erik or Brenda, because her alliance of five could have taken out Sherri, or whomever she would have wanted.

It wasn’t shown, but even if Corinne would have shared Phillip’s split-vote plan with Malcolm, he may have been able to point her in the right strategic direction.   Now, by being left out of the loop, Malcolm faces an uphill battle as the game has shifted out of his favor.  Poor Reynold and Eddie, always on the short end of the stick and so close to turning the tides…never being able to actually do so.

Even worse, the Favorites were compliant and asleep and now they are focused, sober and awake.  Malcolm chose the right time and had a good plan, but it should have immediately shifted once the split-vote plan had come up.  Now without Corinne and outside of the core Favorites alliance,  Malcolm will be relying on his Idol more than ever, and with many more Tribal Councils to go, he’s going to need to have some serious tricks up his sleeve if he plans on making it to the end.

The saddest part about tonight’s episode was not the demise of Corinne, but the realization that Erik is in fact, a knuckle-head, or at least is being portrayed as such.  For being Favorites, Erik and Brenda have been shown shockingly little.  They seem to be an after-thought, not involved in any decisions and on the outside of everything.  I was correct in predicting that Erik was going to be in a position of power tonight, but the episode did all but point out that Erik and Brenda are not one cohesive unit, a strategic two-some looking to work their way back into the good graces of the game.  Instead, they continue to be shown as an aloof drifter and a spirited cheerleader, who have no real bearing in the game, no real alliance to claim them and absolutely no shot of winning votes even if they accidentally stumble their way to the end.

But now with Corinne gone, we could have suddenly ran into the wall, that harsh moment of each season where anyone with half a brain can predict what’s coming next.  Maybe not the precise order of things (due to Immunity Idols and Immunity Necklaces), but the power players have been defined.  Yes, Cochran and Dawn are the ones in charge and it seems like, for everyone else, it’s just a matter of time.

The wild card in all of this is Andrea, who is seemingly in a great position if she doesn’t get restless.  To think though, how close things were to going in a different direction.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you think Corinne made a huge mistake or do you think it was inevitable?  Is Malcolm toast now?  Does Erik know he is on a game show?  What will Brenda giggle and clap at next week and will she ever be shown talking strategy?  Post your comments below!

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