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Celebrity Apprentice-UnHappy campers-recap

The Celebrity Apprentice poster

Written by : published Tuesday 22nd March 2011

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The Celebrity Apprentice starts with the fallout from last episode's voting out of Lisa Rinna. Dionne Warwick and Starr Jordan are greeted by their team with visible disappointment. Meat Loaf and Gary Busey have issues and there will be trouble ahead. Meanwhile Star Jones promises her group she will not take over as project manager again. Not everyone believes her. This episode is entitled "Unhappy Campers".
The Camping World challenge is on. The criteria for winning is branding, quality of experience, and presentation. The perfect choice would be Richard, who camped his way to a million dollars. But they push Gary Busey instead. The women laugh but nobody seems to know about camping. Niki Taylor, supermodel, is chosen as project manager. Star Jones' promise hangs in the air. There is a bullseye over Gary Busey's head.

The women grab everything at Camping World and exceed their budget. The men get there and panic because they wonder what's left. The women lapse into confusion. The men leave Camping World before them. Marlee Matlin has more obervations about Dionne Warwick, how she follows her own drummer. Dionne Warwick's age seems to be what stops people from dealing with her. Unless every detail is picked over by every one of the women, they don't get along and cant get much done.

The men stumble along, and Busey is projected as confused and erratic. Richard Hatch organizes a delivery but Busey screws it up. Niki wants the 21st century world camping experience. The women show little to no enthusiasm in it.  The men plan their own logistics. But Mark McGrath comes in to get the money for the trees delivery and finds the extra delivery money is not available. He flips out and then finally Jose Canseco starts getting involved. They make some calls and the problem is resolved.

Niki Taylor and another teammate Playboy model Hope go to do the marketing. But Starr takes over the project then and others are upset Niki is not present to call her off. LaToya looks on. Star Jones spends time challenging Niki's leadership when they get back. Niki says "it's tough to have Starr on your team. You really have to be on your toes". It's not clear what was done for decoration or theme development. It isn't clear which theme sells camping more.

Ivanka Trump makes a crack about Busey's "wild man" thing and wonders if it is a shtick, and he creeps up behind her. Busey gives Ivanka Trump a spelling lesson, saying "lucky" means living under correct knowledge yearly. Busey declaims how he makes acronyms of words and their definitions. Canseco sits in the trailer wordlessly. But hours before the presentation McGrath calls other team members because Busey and Canseco are hanging out not doing anything. McGrath films Busey and Canseco playing football instead of preparing to show Donald Trump.
Star Jones starts whining to Niki Taylor about she doesn't know what her vision of the experience is. Niki questions her and states that she can't tell if Star Jones really doesn't know or is just playing the game. Star Jones continues to plague Niki Taylor with requests and questions, refusing to do anything or understand anything originally. Niki Taylor listens to Star Jones ramble on and says "yes ma'am", and says they are getting in the car right now.

The men have the graphics designer printing the banner signs. The men have chosen a beautiful tour bus and set out a ton of furniture and accessories. But Meat Loaf and the country star John Rich show the banners they made. They go to work at once. The country star Rich is shocked that the generator is still unwrapped. He says the laziness is unbelievable. Busey holds a team conference and says they have to be in the hotel presentation area at 5 am the next day.

Niki Taylor says Starr is a bully, and should have understood what they were doing because they all went and shopped in the same store together that morning. Dionne Warwick and LaToya Jackson wanted to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond but Taylor says hmmn. She puts them in a  van to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for their area displays and to Home Depot for the trees, and to go as fast as possible. They have an hour to get the stuff.

The cameras show Dionne and Star going shopping. Supermodel Niki Taylor stresses they have very limited time available and that she hopes they're doing what they are supposed to do. The visit by the Trump son Donald Jr., also comments that trees would be nice. La Toya, Dionne and Star Jones comes back without the trees. But Star Jones calls and orders balloons at the last minute and Taylor says that's what they have to settle on. Niki Taylor says her charity is the American Red Cross  because after her car accident she needed over a hundred units of blood.

The morning of Day 2 there was a lot of work to be done at the men's vehicle. The turf arrives to give it a camping feel. Busey's excitement level is high. McGrath is pleased that the greenery and turf make it look more camping toned and presentation successful. The men eye the blank exterior of the women's recreational vehicle area. Taylor plans 100 stickers to go on 100 water bottles. All Starr's balloons fly away. This happens "accidentally" as Marlee Matlin and Niki Taylor grin.

La Toya Jackson is so nervous she thinks someone is in the bathroom. Star Jones is paying her bills and Dionne is making calls. Niki Taylor sees the trees and hedges and knows the women's team should have had that stuff. The men's team realize they mostly outdoor stuff and not the indoor stuff. Meanwhile Niki Taylor and La Toya furnish the RV bed with a silver satin bedspread and luxury pillows. Donald Trump Junior visits the women's trailer and says he hasn't done so much of the RV type of camping. Marlee is not thrilled with Dionne.
During the presentation, the men's team is asked to showcase the elaborate equipment on the RV by Marcus, the Camping World CEO. Meat Loaf has no clue what it does. Meat Loaf gives an exterior tour, but doesn't know what is behind a panel on the RV. A pulldown TV is behind the panel.  They worry about lost presentation points. La Toya details from memory and displays to Marcus how the TV comes out. La Toya is the power player of this part of the event. (She's a Jackson, of course she knows how a tour bus works).

Marcus observes branding because the banner message was missing. Niki Taylor narrates a 21st century camping experience. Busey also plays carnival barker, and the public walks by. Mark McGrath really sells the camper. Meat Loaf says there is so much storage you "could store your Meat Loaf in there!" and people laugh. Busey gives touring onlookers a view of the condiments and the children's area. Busey is all showmanship, and his spiel sells camping to visitors 300%.

Dionne starts a problem with Niki Taylor because she doesn't get her way. Dionne operates only according to her will, says Taylor, echoing the previous comments of Marlee Matlin. Dionne proceeds to disrespect Niki Tayor's comments in full hearing of passing observers. Taylor lurks nearby. Dionne mocks what Taylor said, although she was encouraging and supportive of the entire team. Dionne says this to Star Jones, who nods in agreement. They both ignore the passing people and do not appeal to them to look in the camper.
Marcus discusses with Donald Trump the results. The women had no signage on the exterior, but the men had no women's touch on the inside. All of the team members are named as the best player by Niki Taylor in the boardroom after Trump singles La Toya out. But Matlin discloses her unhappiness with Dionne's lack of overall contribution. Taylor succumbs to group think and discloses she is unhappy with her own performance. Trumps tears into this and Niki backpedals furiously.

Star Jones surpises Trump by not informing on Niki and the team. Starr says Marlee is a demon in the bedroom. Donald Trump wonders what does this mean. But Star Jones is too cagey to be pointed out as the bad guy anymore. Donald Trump asks Taylor directly how did Dionne do. She shares the questionable timing of her confrontation about Hope being on the other trailer and calls it bad timing.
Dionne represents her end of the argument. Trump calls Taylor on this, saying Dionne is always cool. Taylor comments Dionne is at polarized mood extremes. Dionne works very well when she's given a task. But Marlee Matlin comments on her skills and claims a shortcoming in Warwick. Young Trump says it's both a compliment and a criticism. The men have been listening to all of this. Gary Busey says his team is fantastic. But when asked if Busey is a good leader, Richard Hatch says no.
When Trump suggest Busey answer these charges Gary Busey puts on a performance. Busey says then that Marlee Matlin came to him the previous week and her doctor came to his hotel and fitted him for hearing aids suddenly. Trump asks Mark McGrath about Busey's project leadership success. Mark steps carefully around saying Busey was a failure by saying Busey was unconventional as a leader. Little John the rapper discoses how uncomfortable and at sea they were working in the camper.
Ivanka asks Gary who was weakest on Team Backbone  in supporting him as project manager. Gary waffles but finally says Little John and Jose (Canseco)  is the weakest player on the team. Ivanka Trump questions Jose Canseco about his passive mood when she visited the trailer. But the contribution of his toward the actual project is in question. Trump comments that Marcus was impressed with John Rich and La Toya in the presentation phase. Rich sings a Camping World jingle and they all join in.
Taylor believes they did an amazing job too. She acknowledges she is responsible. Donald fires her. Star Jones says this behavior is "pure class". Donald Trump Jr. comments that Niki Taylor told hm on the tour she wouldn't throw anyone under the bus. Marlee Matlin says she wishes Taylor would have stayed and defended her part. Niki Taylor says she left because there was nothing to fight about. Niki Taylor makes a more vivid impression by bowing out than if she had fought to stay.

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