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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ Episode 4 – The weakest link

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Written by : published Thursday 7th March 2013

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We were treated to two for the price of one this week on Survivor, with a medical evacuation followed by a Tribal torch snuffing.  Score one…make that two, for the cool kids.

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 4 of Survivor: Caramoan, and then be sure to read my weekly Episode Recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

The trials and tribulations of Shamar have finally come to an end, with the not-so-gentle giant being medically evacuated from the game with a scratched eye (not a technical term, but close enough).  Shamar didn’t want to be in the game anyways, so his exit was inevitable, but still – under any circumstances on any season – you never want to see a person leave the game with an injury or illness.  This couldn’t have been the script that Shamar envisioned for himself when he signed up to play Survivor, as the ex-military man didn’t get to finish what he started.

It would have been a hell of a season for Sherri anyways, to have to wrangle Shamar in for 39 days…that would have eventually gone bad.  It probably bodes well for her alliance now that Shamar is gone, since the distractions he caused and the uncertainty he brought to the table never seemed worth the few advantages keeping him around would have provided.

Where my concern comes in deals less with the loss of Shamar and more with the loss of Laura.  Laura should have – for all intents and purposes – lasted much longer in this game.  She had a solid alliance (or so we thought), she was super game-smart and her lack of physicality in challenges should have made her less of a threat early on.  This is the way that the current game of Survivor has gone.  Although the topic comes up seemingly every season – should we vote off the stronger players early on or keep them around to win challenges? – it seems that in recent seasons most have stuck with their alliances, regardless of the amount of muscles contained within it.

Losing Shamar and then Laura really weakens Sherri’s alliance, which now consists of Julia, whom we haven’t heard much from and thus, have no real way of knowing how she plays into all of this.  We as viewers know that Michael and Matt are the real ones running the show, so right now the Fans tribe is made up of three two-person alliances – Reynold and Eddie, Sherri and Julia and Michael and Matt.  M & M may be more closely tied to Sherri and Julia, but take tonight’s episode as evidence enough as to how quickly Matt will act to cut someone’s throat in the game.  Should he find reason to, Matt may just decide that Reynold and Eddie may be the better option moving forward…by voting out Laura they obviously value their strength and moving towards a merge, Reynold and Eddie would be much bigger targets.  Sherri is playing hard and seems to be a very intelligent strategist, so it will be interesting to see just how she maneuvers from here.

All of the drama is taking place over at the Fans camp, with the Favorites camp acting as a sort of comic relief in-between the intense Fan segments.  The Favorites are basically a ticking time bomb, having revealed in Episode 1 that the future pecking order shall be between Brenda, Erik and Brandon, who are in the minority alliance.  But within this ticking time bomb of a tribe is a lethal powder keg of emotions, the wild card known as Brandon Hantz.  The good news is that the preview didn’t show him peeing on anything or anyone, but the hell he looks to be creating won’t bode well for his future.  Let’s face it, much like Shamar, we all knew Brandon’s exit was only a matter of time.  And who cares if he stays, really?  I really like Brandon, as a person and in the game of Survivor, but he’s the type of entertaining “character” that never had or has a real chance of actually winning.  No way.  So it appears that we may be knee-deep in a predictable stretch of episodes already into this short season.  Just when the Fans tribe got real interesting, it looks like it will be the Favorites turn to trim some fat beginning next week.


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