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Kitchen Nightmares Revisited 2-recap

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Written by : published Monday 21st March 2011

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Gordon Ramsay revisits a trio of restaurants to see if they took his advice or really messed up their restaurants even worse. After getting his boot camp visit, the challange is to see if long term adoption of Ramsay's business model can be used or if the owners merely toss it aside.

The first visit to Lido was a disaster. This Manhattan Beach cafe was a mess from its bad kitchen and slow staff to Lisa the owner hiding from Gordon in the bathroom. She was a young lady of 28 with USC Honors degrees but was shamed by Gordon when he dragged customers into the kitchen to see the tufts of dust all over the place. She was dating the bartender and her staff in the kitchen walked out the first night with Gordon. He tells her to grow up.
Lisa had said she didn't think it really affected the food. He called Scott, who got things rolling. Ramsay talks the staff into coming back. Lisa says Gordon is a jerk and hides in the bathroom. A redesign removes the middle wall and a clean in the kitchen gives a right start. He introduces the idea of a wine bar for the place. It's a new menu and a clean kitchen, as well as improved attention to cuisine and menu choices.

Lido Revisited
Gordon drives up a year later wanting to see what's happening. He walked in and Lisa the owner was in the bathroom, again. Awkward timing but when she comes out she has good things to show him. His flatbreads menu really took off and she serves him a toasted mushroom mozzarella number that he loves the taste of. They talk about the business in a packed house. She says she is up 20% and that people come in having seen the show and she shows them the superclean kitchen. Ramsay gives the kitchen the white glove test.
She gets out an apron when he sees how clean the kitchen  is and says hi to the chef Louis and asks him to create a dish while he's there; Ramsay he makes a duck fusion dish. The muscado sauce with pan seared duck was great. She says she fired her boyfriend Damien and he says he didn't tell her to, but she says yeah kind of.  She says she would never date an employee again. They drink the Lido label wine she has made and she says she is proud to be a good student for Gordon's advice. its a house pinot noir.
She says she is more comfortable going into the kitchen for results after being put on the line by Ramsay. The owner was a vegetarian! Lido is in Manhattan Beach, California.
Anna Vincenzo's
Ramsay has his work cut out for him by CeCe, a  Boca Raton Florida manager owner with a lot of attitude and a bad temper. The menu has about 181 variations and is made from frozen food. The crying fits and temper tantrums are a nightmare. Angie weighs about 300 pounds and loses her mind often, screaming at everyone. She screams and insults Lady Diana when Ramsay tries to get her working efficiently in the kitchen. Cece has an emotional breakdown while resisting customer requests.
Cece's dad Angelo is also involved. The head server of the restaurant Michael is her husband, and her father also works there. The food was horrible. Angelo says he is surprised nobody has broken Ramsay's legs. When confronted Michael backs down. She has borrowed a significant amount of money $300,000 and hasn't paid him back, and the pressure to succeed is weighing her down. Gordon marks her instability. The whole place was a pressure cooker. Gordon calls her on acting like a Princess.
Despite the changes and a new menu, Cece barely changes the pattern. She almost sends out  burnt pork chop. Standards are established in the dining room. But time will tell.
Anna Vincenzo's Revisited
Gordon rolls up to find the restaurant has closed and another restaurant opening soon. He calls one of the former staff, who tells Ramsay about what happened when he left. Cece doubled the prices and cut the portions in half. The public fell away, all Gordon's hard work was for nothing. Ramsay is amazed and then he goes to her house to find out the truth. Former server Ashton tells the story but Gordon wants the other side of the story. Gordon is shocked by the change.
Gordons says "Holy Cr*p what happened?" She is now about 200 pounds thinner, separated from her husband, very calm, and selling the business. She says Anna Vincenzo's was her first baby and now she wants to be with her two girls. Michael is no longer in the picture. She tells Ramsay she could come work for him. Ramsay is disappointed but clearly she has made some life changes. She says the proceeds from the sale will go to her father. Her follow up stresses family life. A more unusual ending for a kitchen nightmare story.

Le Bistro
The place at Lighthouse Point, Florida has a ritzy customer base. But the place doesn't care about its customers. The first time around the chef Andy was so arrogant Ramsay couldn't get through to him. One bite almost sent Gordon to the dentist with a bone in the fish. Andy has a serious block when it comes to customer service or food quality. The lamb curry roll was  a joke. An aging staff and very dark house showcased Andy's refusal to delegate. This man was so defensive he was impossible even for Gordon Ramsay to get through to. Ramsay says he terats his wife like a (*^*&%&^%&*^) dog.
The chef has a very supportive wife who says that he studied at the best cooking schools and feels like the guests are beneath him. His Michelin training was ruining the service. The staff swallowed the anger, and his wife Ellen handled the front of house. Andy refused his sous chef to cook and let only one waiter take orders. Ramsay has to get the chef owner and his wife on a boat and brings them to the salon where angry former dinner guests feed back to the chef how bad the experience was. The man angrily lashes out at them. But he does bend and admit his mistake, and changes happen for the better.
Le Bistro Revisited
Gordon Ramsay's changes were completely incorporated and the owner chef is happier and more easily relating to his staff and customers than before. The energy is much improved, with a lighter dining room and more positive staff enthusiasm. His wife is notably much more relaxed. Andy is a culinary trained chef but is no longer a snob. Gordon gives them a restaurant wide toast for their tenth year in business. Andy says what a tribute for Ramsay to say that in front of his customers, and he hopes Gordon comes back in another ten years.

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