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The Good Wife Episode 11 - "Two Courts"

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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Will begins the episode by negotiating with Carey and his assistant at the D.A. over an accused murderer. Will exploits the fact that his basketball partners are the judges involved when Carey threatens recusal. Will then plays aggressively against the bench judge for the trial, fouling him. The judge fakes he is OK with it afterwards. Carey decides to let the jury decide. Bond continues to organize all administrative matters.


When Will meets in court, the judge is sufficiently biased against Will for everyone to see. Carey is quick to take advantage. Will can't shake the abuse. The client is a "Nazi" WW2 fan, accused of murdering his father for the inheritance. After a loud argument with the father the man changed his will. Then he was found dead and the son is the only suspect. Drinking and accusations of Nazi sympathies were committed to evidence by the apt. manager.


Kalinda investigate the case but the firm hires a "jury whisperer". He makes $65,000 a week. he claims to read the micro-emotions the jurors display. Kalinda gets told by Blake he is her supervisor. She interprets this to mean gloves off. She informs Alicia Blake has been backround investigating her. Alicia confronts Blake who looks somewhat alarmed and tries to snow her with corporate doublespeak. Alicia shuts him down and tells Will. He gives her an opportunity to open the discussion about their personal feelings, but the time isn't right.


Bond tells Will he has to re-incorporate Diane to keep the firm running. He does so and she accepts, both of them lying. Will gets told by Cain that a big supercapital fund with millions of dollars in fees in on the line. (Nobody knows where Bond has been going or what he has been doing). He barely blinks when Will states Blake is not Kalinda's boss. He agrees that is not the case. But the extra $65,000 a year she wants Bond negates. Will smells a rat.


Meanwhile Eli is stunned when Peter's mother ushers in an old friend of the candidate to help out doing Eli's job. They yuck yuck about old times, shutting Eli out. Eli tells Peter Florek that his old friend can rope in money but it will be Republican money meant to push Peter against the other Democrats and weaken their races. Eli realizes Peter's mother is behind the whole thing. Eli approaches Alicia about how to stop her, who is appalled. But she relents and says only Peter can tell her mother in law what to do. The "Nazi" client comes up to Aicia during this time and ignores Eli.


Diane approaches Carey for a place at the table in the new law firm. Carey was fired for drug use when Alicia ratted him out. Although Carey now works for the District Attorney, he was a valued member of the law firm. Carey asks for Alicia's salary. He has a week to decide. During a meeting with the client, Will and Alicia ask for Kalinda's input. She says she has to check with her boss. It's fairly clear she will be going with Diane for the split.


Will turns the judge's bias to Alicia, who starts to employ basketball metaphors in her comments. The judge shuts down Will's attempt at recusal. The jury expert claims this turns the tide of sympathy but that the "pack leader" of the jury will decide matters. Kalinda returns Will's offer of the extra money and placement above Blake by pointing the defence at the apt. manager of the accused and his religion of Scientology. Will turns the defence against the apartment manager, who claims the religious discussions they had were normal.


Peter sees his mother come into the office for staff meeting for the campaign. The tenor of the agenda changes dramatically. He asks Eli to intervene who declines. Eli get the hint from "Jackie" Florrick that this old friend doesn't make her feel left out. Peter asks his mother directly that he must do this on his own. Following this, Eli stumbles on the old friend screwing around at the campaign offices. Eli is all business, tossing him out. The man calls Peter's mother, who says to do as Eli says. Since Mrs. Florrick senior is the one who brought him in, he is stunned.


The jury returns a verdict of guilty. Alicia watches the jury expert walks away richer and unconcerned. Alicia polls the "pack leader" of the jury. He states with no doubt the defendant was guilty. (This is what Kalinda had said might be the truth). The change in the character of Alicia from the first season is marked, she has come to "believe" all her clients are innocent.


Will Gardner meanwhile groups with Diane Lockhart, who tells her they have both been played by Bond. He tells her about the big name clients Bond claims he'll bring to the Lockhart Gardner partners. Diane agrees that they should get back together as law partners for real, and that she'll act normal at the firm not to tip Bond off. Diane enters the next partners meeting, and Bond is slightly surprised.

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