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Written by : published Sunday 20th March 2011

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The occupation of Olivia's body by Dr. William Bell from the soul magnets makes Peter very uncomfortable. He says Olivia is resting and he can last this way for weeks. This is all exactly as he planned it. Bell says in the other universe he gave Olivia a cup of tea with the soul magnets in it. When Bishop tapped the inheritance desktop bell of Dr. Bell, the realization of his trans-sonic life magnetized to Olivia. Peter wants to get Olivia back in 48 hours.

Bishop must find a better host, meanwhile "Dr. Bell" dryly advises the group. Walter finds contact with his old friend amusing, Peter insists another host be found very soon. Bell wants his files from Massive Dynamic, labeled "Re-Entry". Meanwhile a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair helps a man confronting suicide jump off a roof, and they land on a car, shattering its roof. He's dead but she gets up and walks away. A crowd watches her go.

The FBI is flagged when the picture of the woman is shown on the wires from a cellphone camera of the incident. He calls the fringe squad, little knowing what they do. Bishop invites him to the lab, where Peter congratulates him for jumping security clearances, and he boils down the case of the blonde woman. Bell wryly speaks from Olivia's body, looking weirdly at Astrid and creeping her out. She died in a car accident but then her body went missing from the morgue. Her husband and children were killed.
Working with the FBI, they figure out the woman is targeting victims of suicidal intentions. She has been seen flinging herself off roofs but only the body of the other person is ever found. The FBI man says a suicide hotline would attract a nice yield of them. They show the picture around, just as the blonde woman takes a call. The boss says she was very good at saving people because they felt she understood their pain. She is shown visiting the cemetery where the grave of her husband and children lie alongside her own.

The video of her walking away from the car shakes Walter. Bell detects what Walter suspects, that a spatial disruption in the universe changes has caused a soft spot.  Bishop compares with Bell notes on the impending universes' mutual collision. Agent Lincoln Lee at the FBI identifies the woman in the video. They examine the DNA at the scene. Lee outlines the undead woman's case. Bishop determines the Grey woman's molecules don't want to come apart.

Peter and the FBI officer find out the woman, Dana Grey, was hit by lightning twice and survived. Bishop and Bell suggest this transformed her body chemistry. The woman is trying to kill herself to go to heaven, and accompanies the innocent hasn't worked so far. Agent Lee calls her a "soul vampire". Bell points out that everything is simply bundled energy.

Dana takes a call from a man named Brian, counseling him about suicide. She says this is too important to do over the phone. She goes to the home of the man calling her, who says he has planted a bomb on a train car. He gives her the location then shoots himself. She leaves as the Fringe/FBI teams comes to the scene. They notice she has not taken herself with the man. Clues about heaven are heavily underlined in her Bible.

The woman goes to a church and asks about the story of Azrael. This angel fell and went to hell, and the angels defied God and went to get him. When God asked why they had done this, they said the weight of their innocence outweighed Azrael's sins. The woman knows where a lot of innocent people are going to die, on the train. Peter tracks her cellphone at the scene of the caller's suicide. He gets the tech to track the call. Peter calls using the dead husband's phone numberand she answers.
Peter tries to talk her out of blowing up the train. The combination of Dr. Bell and Dr. Bishop figure out which train she is on. The FBI and the Fringe squad shut down the train. The man sitting next to the blonde woman says she's on the train. They evacuate everyone but can't find her. Then the bomb blows up off to the side. She opted to save everyone and is found really dead, finally.The FBI man says to contact him in future if further crimes crop up.

At home Peter arrives to see Olivia with Dr. Bell inside staying the night. Olivia and peter have bcome a couple, and their back story as subjects from another universe as children was shown in a previous episode. Bishop (John Noble) is asleep. Olivia has tea with Peter and says he saw an opportunity to port into the dead woman as a fortuitous possibility. Then he/she says this was meant as a sign, that dying was not as transitory as they were trying to make out. Then he feels funny (remember Dr. Bell's tea forced the magnet change before) and says "Oh Dear this isn't going as planned".

But is Peter the target of his next magnetization, or is Dr. Bishop?

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