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Mistfits still up to no good in season two

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Written by : published Wednesday 23rd January 2013

The second season of the British series Misfits is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from the BBC. All five of the main characters from season one return, the same as ever, but their world is changing. They are approaching the end of their community service, and taking stock of what the powers mean to them and how they can be used in their lives. They aren't the only ones around with powers, though, and as the world begins to find out about people like them, it becomes harder to maintain control over what they want and who they are.

Misfits is a fantastic show. It's about characters that look and act like regular people, and who live in a low-income area. They aren't middle class, by any means, which already makes the series feel different and unique. While there have been many shows about people with superhuman powers, these characters aren't heroes, either, further setting itself apart.


This is a gritty, realistic look at a familiar world turned on its head. Good does not always win the day, and people don't always do the right thing. Great power may come with great responsibility, but that doesn't mean that there will be capes and tights and rescuing damsels in distress. Even those who have developed beyond the average person in the evolutionary scale still have lives to lead, and everything doesn't get put on hold, nor come easily, just because they can do something extraordinary.

Plus, the writing and the acting are just so sharp, it really is hard to give a feel of the tone and makeup of the show in a written review. You must watch it to get a feel for what it is doing.

The characters grow deeper and develop in season two. Simon (Iwan Rheon) is the most dynamic, coming out of his shy boy shell, and finding love for the first time. He alone maintains a moral compass, and while he isn't infallible, he is the rock that the others can lean on. He becomes their equal this year, no longer just the weird kid they tolerate, and his nobility allows him to be a leader, and to begin to be seen as such by his peers, even if his potential is not yet fully realized.

There are plenty of opportunities for romance for all of the main players. Alisha (Antonia Thomas) moves beyond her games with Curtis (Nathan Stewart-James) to find something real. Curtis, too, moves onto someone better for him, discovering Nikki (Ruth Negga), who sort of joins their little band. The long-anticipated (by Nathan) hook up between Kelly (Lauren Socha) and Nathan (Robert Sheehan) goes about as expected, but even Nathan finds himself maturing a bit by the end of the year.

Besides the personal stuff, which is great, there are bigger arcs going on this year, which also challenge the turpitude of the cast. First, there's a mysterious man in a mask, who ends up holding quite a few surprises for our protagonists, as well as hints at some of what will come. Then, they encounter a handful of others with powers, some good, some bad, with mixed results. Their secrets are exposed, and they go public in a very big way. Finally, a man who desires to be worshiped like Jesus Christ becomes their most dangerous foe yet.

The year ends with major self-evaluations for everyone, and a shake up that may or may not result in them each getting different powers for the next year. The ending is a little ambiguous, but there is definitely potential for some fresh new direction next season.

This two disc set, which contains seven exciting episodes, also has a trio of featurettes that enrich the viewing experience. We get to go behind the scenes, hear about how the show is made, and some bonus scenes are included. None of these are too short, and fill out the set nicely.

Misfits Season 2 is well worth your time. Check it out.

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