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Archer The Complete Third Season

Archer (2009) poster

Written by : published Monday 14th January 2013

FX's Archer may very well be my favorite animated series on television. Setting aside its cartoon format, it's one of the best comedies, period. A mash up between workplace sitcom and spy adventure, Archer follows Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and the staff of ISIS as they travel the globe, foiling bad guys, wrestling with ocelots, and sleeping with each other. Just before season four premieres this week, The Complete Third season has been released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Note: I've previously written articles about several of the episodes mentioned. Click on the links in the episode titles for those full reviews.

Season three begins with a three part tale entitled "Heart of Archness." Originally having aired months before the rest of the season, and now available in an extend edition on discs, the story follows Archer as he attempts to get over the grief of losing his wife. Along the way, our hero becomes a pirate king, as his friends try to find him. The miniseries guest stars the great Patrick Warburton and David Cross.

After that, we get ten more fantastic episodes. In "The Man From Jupiter," Archer is thrilled to meet Burt Reynolds (himself), until Archer realizes that Burt is banging Archer's mother, Malory (Jessica Walter). "El Contador" marks Cyril's (Chris Parnell) first mission as a field agent, while those back at the base take hallucinogenic drugs. In "The Limited," the team is on a train, and so is Cheryl's (Judy Greer) pet ocelot, which Archer has an intense fascination with. "Lo Scandalo" finds Malory bringing in her staff to help cover up a death in her apartment. "Bloody Ferlin" is a Ray (Adam Reed) story. The two-part season finale, "Space Race" guest stars Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), brings back old foe Barry (Dave Willis), and takes the cast beyond the planet Earth.

On top of all these adventures, there are serial plot lines. For instance, Archer finds the best sex of his life in office worker Pam (Amber Nash), whom he is embarrassed to be seen with at first. This puts Archer in a tough spot, and makes him examine his priorities. But it also allows him to grow as a human being, and begin to get over his ill-fated bride.

As usual, there are some great extras on The Complete Third Season. The best parts are the three shorts. One features Archer's Gator 2 trailer, and what his co-workers think about it. Another is a blatant advertisement for the show's tie-in book, How to Archer, that gets enough laughs as Archer avoids recording the audio version that one doesn't care if it's trying to sell you something or not. (My opinion: buy the book.) Third is Archer's attempt at a cooking show, which also serves to champion the book.

Three episodes get audio commentary by the creator of Archer, Adam Reed, and several cast members. These may not be commentaries in the strictest sense of the word, because they do go on quite a few tangents. However, the people involved in this show have a wonderful dynamic, and they are very entertaining.

Sadly, the Comic Con 2012 special is just the opening bit, rather than the panel itself. Most shows shy away from including a full Q&A session on their DVD releases, either because they fear it will get boring, or because they want to keep the experience special to those who attended. I wish this were not the case, because I would really have liked to have seen more of this, and like most fans, will likely not get the chance to attend such events. But what is included is good.

In short, Archer The Complete Third Season is a great buy, and should provide plenty of enjoyment. It is available now.

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