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Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior- Here is the Fire- recap

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Written by : published Friday 18th March 2011

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The scene is surburbia. A man sits anxiously in a car, handling a briefcase. He then gets out of the car , he is a Principal. He goes into a high school and makes an annoucement. He then walks through the halls and students say hello. Then a bomb goes off and hundreds of students are injured. Ambulances are everywhere. Public services go on alert.

The Governor gets a call about the bomb. The official designate resists using Cooper's team as the first on the scene. The shot caller insists that Cooper's team gets results. Cooper's team gets to the site and finds a mysterious announcement put in the school mailbox that morning. The principal says he has renal cell carcinoma and he was planning the announcement at the school assembly this morning.

The school bombing in Frederiksburg, West Virginia seems to be a precursor. Cooper asks Penelope to check the record of crazed letter bombings. They are looking for one using a note. Cooper looks at nuisance fires crossed with students of the school. David Henry is a student. Beth asks for a photo and his locker location from the principal, who David has problems at home. Mick says the bomb must have been tested, it's too sophisticated to perfect on the first try.

Mick and Prophet research the bomb blast site. Mick guesses it is a remote activated pipe bomb. The bomb innards were optimized for maximum damage. They find an arson device with a serial number on it. They posit that it's a personal cause bomber profile. At the heart of both profiles is a devastating loss. They look through community profiles of the school families and their histories.

The FBI team find David Henry who pulls a gun and runs in the middle of the baseball field. He is cornered and says he won't go back to lockup. He has an alibi for the time when the fire was set. But students were hurt, not killed. The team realize the school bomb was just a notice for further trouble. A message is unraveled that says 'Here I am, here is the fire".

This spurs a recall, Cooper draws from the Old Testament. They work the the story of Abraham and Isaac. Cooper then looks for religious extremism. Penelope Garcia says the text bomb sites might be at coordinates she send. Cooper says the type is a family annihilator. A devoted husband, a loving father. The death of a loved one motivates the killer. The personal cause bomber tries to push an ideology. Prophet checks out a local church whose idealogy Beth says matches the killer profile.

The pastor says that William Meeks asked him to baptise three sons. They find three white crosses at the bomb test site but no bodies. They learn Meeks had a wife with a foruth child who miscarried. Beth and Cooper work the profile, discerning that the end sum for such a believer is trying to spare his children the final pain of life in a marginalizing world by killing them. Beth is noted for having unconventional ideas.

Meeks is shown driving one son in a car. The son is confused and asks what is going on. The father says for the son to pray with him. Meanwhile the team finds the other son at his junior high school, with a bomb in his backpack. He refuses to believe what they tell him but he recalls his father gave the weird Google eternity gifts saying it was fit everything would end where it began. Cooper realizes this means the hospital where the baby was lost is the next target. The team find Meeks there with a briefcase but he surrenders outside.

Cooper smells a rat and they search the hospital. The oldest son is walking around in a state of denial and shock, while TV screens throughout the hospital pronounce his father's guilt. Cooper realizes Meeks programmed his older son and starts to unravel the programming. The boy thinks both his brothers are dead, and Cooper phones the other living boy and gets him to wake up. Cooper draws him out while Mick demands a bomb squad suit and goes looking for the real bomb in the maternity ward. Coopers knows the bomb is there because "Here I am, here is the fire" is the killer's motto.

Cooper is left counseling the young son. He says to look around, the place is filled with survivors of the bomb blast. The hospital is evacuated. Mick discovers the bomb in the very room the woman lost her baby in and disarms it and Cooper says to the son that in reality the son doesn't have to die, and Prophet tells him that they are survivors, he and his brother. He says they can make their lives anything they want them to be.

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