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30 Rock -God Hates Women -Recap

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Written by : published Friday 18th March 2011

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God Hates Women Recap
With Tracy Jordan gone, the show lacks flavor. The skits all feature Jenna as famous people having her period. She stars as Amelia Earhart and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The Joan of Snark website has Jenna's article "Why Does TGS Hate Women". Jack agrees that Liz Lemon hates women.

Liz hires Abby Flynn, a guest writer, a famous ingenue comedian famous for a snarky women's website. Gone is the chip clip hairstyle, adopted cat and fanny pack. Her official spinsterdom is gone. Liz says she is like a human bra she is so supportive of women. Lis wants a femo-lution to take place on the show.

Liz hopes this will be the mark of a new feminist era on the show but the new comedian talks in a baby voice acts sexy and plays to the men. Lutz dons a British accent, the Black guy act like a bad boy, and Rossitano acts rich. Pete and the group agree to keep quiet or Lutz will play X-Box without his shirt on again.
The come on never stops and Jenna is furious. She slaps Liz for encouraging a competitor instead of a talented comedian to replace Tracy during his African adventure.
Jack discovers his competition for the next CEO of Kabletown is Hank Hooper's granddaughter. Hooper is the CEO of Kabletown. It is a family owned company and Jack must  destroy the competition. He must alter her life goal to keep her out of the Kabletown power loop.

Kayley Hooper is fourteen years. She is played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Jack decides he needs to make her adopt a style of life not related to TV broadcasting. She says to Jack on a tour of the studio hosted by Kenneth that she wanted to be marine biologist. Jack decides that he'll introduce her to Dr. Robert Ballard of oceanography fame.

Bob Ballard gives them the tour of the Institute. He discovered the Titanic. Hooper's granddaughter taps into Jack's long lost love of oceanography. Kayley even gives him a huge poster card with glitter and pictures as he struggles with a lost career wish for marine biology. But he sees a picture of Jacques Cousteau on the poster. Jack is irritated that he has misgivings about the lost marine biology career. Jack considers his epitaph. Kenneth has composed a ballad for Jack's passing.

He confronts Kayley at her school. He shakes down her backpack and his biography is inside. "Jack Attack". She says he can't beat her.
She has been studying him as he has been studying her. She says she was born into this business, he just worked his way into it. She says she'll tell her grandfather Jack gave her alcohol. He says he'll sleep with one of her teachers and get them to flunk her. Both a male and female teacher standing nearby say "I'm down with that". It's a standoff.

Jack leaves after Hayley declares this is her free period and he can't make her go to class. He leaves and she imperiously barks at her friend to pick up her books. Hayley is a power player. It isn't over between Donaghy and his fourteen year old Kabletown nemesis.

Liz discovers the name for the comedian is Abby Grossman-Flynn, and outs Abby's adult comedian performance to the group of writers. Liz uploaded an old video on YouTube. But the woman panics and says her husband Troy is trying to kill her hence the elaborate disguise. The crew look angrily at Liz and her attempt at faux feminism. Abby says that Liz Lemon is a Judas to all womankind.
Bob Ballard closes the show promising the Jack and Liz wrap up scene, a three second miniclip of Liz and Jack drinking a cocktail that viewers are familiar with.

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