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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 3 Episode 4 "Uh-Oh, Somebody's Crying!"

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Written by : published Monday 3rd December 2012

Today we have a guest post from: Sam Houston, an entertainment writer and enthusiast, often gives latest reviews on the hot and sizzling TV shows. She is just another TV buff like any other women and she also tells her readers about the latest dish network TV deals and makes them get a share of good prime time shows.

Ladies, ladies here is something to say, the recap of Episode 4, Season 3, gonna tell you a lot. What do we learn? Here it is – women are not at all bothered in sharing rooms so passionately and we also learn a lot on the hot and sizzling tattoo location of Kelsey.

It’s Time to Say Sorry

The name of the episode itself was worthy of praise “Uh Oh, Somebody’s Crying.” It begins with the meeting of Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump, and Adrienne admits that she would have made it to Lisa in the beginning to know if she was selling stories, rather than going for a reunion.

Adrienne says sorry to Lisa, though Lisa says that everything can’t be the same as before but yes they can have the parity. And yes, the audience can give them a pat; Cheers ladies, good job!

Meeting the Literary Agent

Brandi Glanville has a meeting with her literary agent to make her book publish on the pains of pre and post divorce time. But Brandi has to do something indifferent and here she is, discussing on the use of f-bomb during books pitch meeting. Her agents say that it is better to keep thing professional.

Better Go For a Drive!

Kylie Richards on the other hand takes her daughter Alexia to DMV, to let her have the permit test for the third time. She is wishing that her daughter lands up driving and finally rides the grand Maserati. But Gosh, from the heaven blow, Alexia made it and when it comes to speed she is next to Danica Patrick.

Uh-Oh, Somebody's Crying!

I Hate Sharing

We saw in this episode that Kim is organizing a gala party for the ladies over the weekend at Ojai. Is she planning something spiritual? I don’t think she might be that crazy, but yes she is turning a little social this season and it is good to know that she is enjoying it.

Kim is being matured, as she allows Lisa to bring Brandi to the party. Both turns up late as Brandi was shooting for the magazine Lisa writes for. She is really looking awesome, but she ignores the wrinkles on her thumb, which is the main attraction for guys.

The women were concerned about the fact that they have to share rooms in the hotel, and only sporty in the action was - Lisa and Brandi, and the rest were not at all thrilled.

Is Frasier Crane thinking about me?

Ladies are heading to the restaurant with Yolanda Foster and we found Camille Grammer is talking about Kelsey’s new tattoo which is closely located to her remark “tossed salad and scrambled eggs” (quoted from the Episode Dialogues), it’s good to visualize.

The ladies goes through a minor dilemma, as they do not know where to sit and the presence of many people at the party made it uninteresting, as they cared less about those people, like Kim and Brandi.

But both these characters were giving their best behavior and are giving the audience good vibes.

Uh! Oh! The Dinner Was a Catastrophe

When Brandi thought to make patch up with Kim, and think that she was too mean to judge her as she herself spent nights alone. At this very comment Kim too starts tearing up. A really sweet and tender moment to make upon. Adrienne comments that Kim has started crying, but she was drawing something malicious in her mind. And Brandi accuses her on behalf of Kim, uh! Oh! Ladies messed it up again.

Tensions were at rise at this situation, we applauded Brandi for opening her own follies top reach out to Kim and we also understand the tacky comment of Adrienne. Many feuds had a good ending this episode but the worse one has just begun. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode.

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