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Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior- One Shot Kill- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 17th March 2011

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A lone gunman repeatedy practices building a complicated assault rifle with sniper mechanisms. He then leaves and walks the streets to a corner stairway in an old downtown building. A cold pair of blue eyes assembles a sophisticated assault rifle and aims. The sniper's prey is a group of people getting out of a car on street level. They are talking about nothing, and in the middle of an anecdote the sniper fires, throwing them to the ground. One man is dead, for no reason at all. The sniper snickers in satisfaction.
The Criminal Minds group is playing ancient Bali stick battle games when a call comes in, a sniper has struck for the fourth time in Chicago. Sam Cooper (Forest Whitaker) announces that the team is now assigned to the case after such a fresh assault. (The exteriors are clearly downtown Los Angeles). Beth analyzes the data and Mick and Tina discuss the case.

Sam Cooper outlines the case. They are frustrated not to have been called in sooner. Mick has experience as a sniper, they defer to his profile. Mick, the gunman from the former IRA,  is haunted by stories of the best sniper from each army going against each other toe to toe. A single reflection detected in a millisecond might save a life with this kind of killer.

The scene examination isolates the killer's perch, but as the team mingle at the sniper's target area he watches, closing in on Mick. He says "And who are you?" The team assumes a serial killer mentality and works the case, identifying criteria for their target. They suspect a juvenile looking to prove himself, in his late 20's or 30's. He is well trained, leaving no slugs behind. No suspect fitting this profile is found. Then another sniper killing happens.

Meanwhile the sniper researches Mick Rawson online. His military profile pops up on screen.

The killer sends Mick a pager at work. It's from Carlos Halfcock. The pager texts "bang bang" and across town he shoots two people. At the FBI red cell hangout Sam gets a 911 call for two shots fired from a sniper. Beth (Janeanne Garafolo) says that somehow the unsub knows "eyes only" data on Mick. Rawson watches the dead people on stretchers as he says the two people died so the sniper could stick out his tongue at him. The team posit the sniper is a emotional juvenile with rage issues against authority.
The team re-examines the profile. Penelope finds a cold case they realize was the sniper ten years ago. They can't figure out where he went. No prison record, no armed force record. Sam says the unsub is a ghost. Mick says no book could train a sniper like that.  The sniper gets ready again, and he loads a van and leaves, but his sister is gardening and talks to him. He says if he doesn't go to the memorial for his father people might think he hated his dad's guts.

When he texts "bang bang bang" Mick says that's the signal for the next hit. Beth uses  a software program to canvass the sniper's attacks. He is comfortable with a certain angle, a certain pattern. They rush to the area projected to be his next target. They shut down the streets, but a woman rushes at Nick babbling about daycare. The reflection Mick sees makes him throw her and himself to the ground as shots ring out. She is hurt and Mick feels guilty.

The FBI team stake out the building but he slips past them.  A man runs from them to the roof, but is only fleeing child support. They ask Penelope to screen the security footage of the lobby. Mick says the pager benefits the sniper and he is killing people like a cat leaving dead birds at his feet. But Ben says this is first time he has tried to kill and not succeeded.
The pattern of sniper killings had a tempo, which now dies to nothing. They posit another event is the real target.  The case breaks wide open. They search in databases for a sniper father recently dead,with a son with discipline problems. This yields the killer. He attempted to enlist in armed services and mercenary organizations, but the father wrote letters saying his son was emotionally unstable and not fit. They assume the son took out the father in his rage. Jason was the prime suspect but the police didn't have enough evidence to charge him.

Meanwhile, the boy at home, Jason, sees TV coverage of the surviving shooting victim with his sister. He is asked to get dressed for the memorial service by his sister. He tells his sister he'll  drive separately and with "50 of Dad's closest friends in one place, I wouldn't miss it for the world". She says his father might be watching, and he says he hopes the father is watching.
They profile the killer again using the young age of the first killer. Sam works the paternal rage issue and they find a link to the old killing. The Criminal FBI team get there after he leaves and find a suicide note addressed to his sister. They find the memorial notice. Jason works as a messenger and is able to get into buildings without notice.

At the memorial service, the speaker stops his heartfelt speech when the FBI team rush aggressively into the room. They find the sister who reveals her fears about what her brother is going through. Sam realizes the memorial is the bloodbath Jason has been planning all along, and "sniper" story a ruse to cover himself.

The young man is perched in an nearby building, waiting to take the shot. But due to the team's action nobody is coming out. He calls his sister, who blurts  out  warning. She tells Beth she suspected but couldn't believe it. Then a latecomer drives up, and before they can warn him he gets out of the car. An armed forces man is shot and falls wounded on the sidewalk. But he is still alive.
 Tina runs out into the kill zone to get the body and to distract the sniper Mick jumps out of hiding. He yells at the sniper to take  shot while seeing where he is. He radios the team he's on the 22nd floor. Sam gets behind the killer just as Mick has him in his sights. The sniper asks Mick to take the shot and doesn't react to Sam's request to put the weapon down. Sam knows Mick will shoot and shoves the man down on the floor.

Mick suffers a withdrawal from the rush of the pressure and when they get back to the office, Sam challenges Mick to a round of bali stick fighting and lets him win.

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