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Covert Affairs looks at the 'Man in the Middle'

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Written by : published Tuesday 30th October 2012

Covert Affairs looks at the 'Man in the Middle' main image

Tonight in USA Network’ Covert Affairs episode “Man in the Middle”, Annie (Piper Perabo) finds herself against a ticking clock as she tries to track down a location of a meeting between two suspected terrorists who are planning to meet. She must work tirelessly to find the meeting location before the targets get away. And what does Parker (Devin Kelley) want with Auggie (Christopher Gorham) ?

In the last few episodes, Annie has been rescued and been seemingly protected by her old friend from the Mossad Eyal Lavine (Oded Fehr).  Finding it difficult to stay at her house where she was brutually attacked and her lover Simon Fischer (Richard Coyle) was murdered, she decides to take up Eyal’s offer of staying at his safe house in Washington D.C. 

While staying in his safe house, he receives a packet about a woman, Megan Carr (Michelle Nolden) who’s boyfriend is a new hot item for world-wide agencies. If they can turn Carr, they can get to her boyfriend. Annie makes great strides in standing for what she believes in especially with those near and dear to her, and Eyal is now considered one of those people.

But from what we learned in the final moments of the previous episode, Mossad is using Eyal to use Annie. To what nefarious purposes we are not sure, but the idea that Mossad ‘drops off’ the intel to Eyal seems suspicious to us as audience members, but not to Annie because, well, she doesn’t know what WE know.  To see Annie continue to march towards Carr with such ruthless yet wreckless abbanoned is quite sad, as we know where this is going to go.

While I enjoyed the heck out of Coyle’s performance as Fischer, I had a hard time believing Annie was truly in love with him now that ‘that’ particular run of episodes is over and done with (despite believing it at the time) and yet the tension between Eyal and Annie seems more realistic and more guided by genuine emotions. When Arthur asks Annie if she is 100% sure and would risk her life and reputation on Eyal’s Mossad information, and she vouches for it with out knowing 100%, she is being played pure and simple due to her feelings.  Arthur signs off on revealing information that the CIA verifies as being classified and ‘does not exist’ to try to woo Megan on Annie’s side.

Meanwhile, Parker returns to ask Auggie for help. Apparently her brother Billy’s checks for bereavement has been trickling to a standstill and now her parents are going to lose the house. Auggie acts despite his judgement of hurt feelings and in the process learns about ‘Battle Buddies’, a group of

Back in the CIA, Arthur approves to take down Megan’s boyfriend and his friend who is a classified terrorist and is on the Kill List. Joan (Kari Matchett) tries to fight the order and idea to kill both men but it has been approved by the President.  Joan’s relationship with Seth (Tim Griffin) who is not only a former lover but a former user has escalated to Joan calling off the friendship. While she is thankful Seth has been able to help her back into counseling for her slip up with drugs when Lena and Annie had their ‘thing’, she knows it is hurting her relationship with her husband Arthur. Problem is, Arthur is already suspicious. And guess who is helping run the drone attack to kill both terrorists? Seth.

Annie and Auggie...

Joan again proclaims she is against the idea.  The inevitable confrontation between Joan and Arthur and Annie realizing she messed up comes to the respectable conclusion, but with powerful results.  Joan confides in Arthur what she has been doing (or so we think. We don’t hear the conversation directly) and Annie realizes the Mossad used her.  But before this, Joan and Annie have an ultimate falling out.  What starts as a simple slap on the wrist for Annie turns into a confrontation of Annie feeling betrayed and left behind by Joan when it was never the case. Joan is overprotected and harsh on Annie for this reason, but yet never goes as far as damn Annie, but after Annie loses her temper, and with Joan in the state she is in, ‘the fences are blown up’ as Annie references to Auggie.

Overall, it was a spectacular episode, and one final note: Christopher Gorham directed the episode tonight and my god it is a beauty of an episode.  It felt seamless and a bit more jazzy than other episodes, and I hope Gorham returns to the director’s chair.

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