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The Event- Turnabout-recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 16th March 2011

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Sophia has taken control of the White House and Elias is turned over to the general to be put out of his misery. President Martinez is almost shot by Thomas, who says his people will do worse when they get to earth.  Then he wakes up, it was just a dream. Sterling delivers an update while wincing with pain. He tells the President about how the woman threw herself in the way of Thomas's bullet for her.

The President (Blake Underwood) fears Sophia has a complicated agenda. The report says many army personnel are dead from the prisoners breakout. He is angry that the facility was not properly guarded. He grills Agent Lee (an alien) and tells the general to get its house in order. Sterling says the officer's family was threatened, and the President asked why safeguards weren't installed? Why weren't double blinds at Mt. Inostranka like at a nuclear facility?

Sophia and Michael are actually delivering his daughters Laila and Sam to a safe house. Sean is gone and Laila is angry at being in the dark about so much. After Michael brushes off Laila's questions. Simon Lee calls Sophia and lets her know what Thomas did at Mt. Inostranka. He killed the aliens not willing to swear loyalty to him.He murdered 44 of their people. Sophia tells Michael he must be killed. Sophia blames herself for trusting him with the mission.

Then Thomas delivers the Mt. Inostranka detainees to a new suburb in the mountains of what looks like Arizona or Colorado. He says some of them will help finish building the array, and some of them will get more materials. As the prisoners look over the place Thomas goes to a black secret car. The man is Hansen sitting inside, terribly damaged from the nuclear fallout of Chernobyl. He says he won't let Thomas down on the mission.
Michael says Sam is not ready to know what there is to know. Michael remains secretive. The man he leaves the girls with tells of Thomas's new goals and leadership with their people. Michael is unnerved that so much political instability has arisen. The man says more and more of their people are willing to listen. The man Carlos gives Michael a gun. Sophia tells Lee they are using Michael to get to a man laundering money for Thomas.

Near San Francisco, Hansen delivers a bundle of cash to a woman in a building in a bad area. He sees Michael lurking and tries to escape the back way. The rift in leadership is not a common phemonenon with their people and they can't be sure how the aliens will react to a power struggle. Michael captures and tortures Hansen to get him to talk. During the torture, Sophia and Michael wordlessly communicate something and Hansen starts screaming. Michael twists his neck weirdly, partly possible due to the alien physiology. Hansen confesses Thomas is having him steal uranium for the portal array.

Sophia calls the president and shares Thomas's plan with him. He says she must use their technology to shield Earth. President Martinez is wary of the news that Thomas will portal (teleport) the uranium inside a nuclear plant near San Onofre. Sophia says Thomas tried portaling Uranium before in Chernobyl, causing the disaster. She says a strong magnetic field can block the aliens power with polar anomalies. Preident Martinez says Sophia has lied to him before. Sophia says she was protecting him.
At the safe house, Laila hides a picture of Sean in a drawer. She hears her host and hostess arguing about Thomas and the newest developments. Laila demands to know more. They say she is half one of them and half human and they can't trust her or trust her to know herself. Lails is angry to not be told so much. Carlos says her father must tell her.

Meanwhile Sean gets in a fight in a  bar and sneaks into his sister's house for food. She tells him about the police saying he murdered someone on the cruise ship. She asks about Laila and he says he can't talk about it. He says the conspiracy against him is powerful and that he needs a Mexican route and a fake ID. His sister's boyfriend in on parole, she says Sean can't stay there.

Lee gets the nuclear uranium rods moved but Thomas is following along. Hansen's confession  was a ploy, and handcuffed to a wall he uses the electricity in an outlet. The prisoner connects his body to a phone and calls Thomas to advise him of the change in location of the material. Thomas asks Hansen if Sophia really believed he could teleport the uranium. Thomas says their plan worked, and that Sophia has served her purpose and for Hansen to kill her. Hansen almost does so, but Michael Buchanan gets her safe. Sophia sees the plug in Hansen's ear and realizes she's been duped.

The President and his staff plot the potential nuclear disaster. Los Angeles and Orange County would be wiped out. They plan to move the uranium to Camp Pendleton. Elias wants to put a tracking device on the uranium and tracking Thomas to his array location. He questions Sophia's statements. But Sterling and the general talk him down.

Agent Lee has to move heaven and earth to get the nuclear rods out of San Onofre power plant. Lee has a gun battle on the road, the truck with the uranium is stopped in the middle of a huge gun battle. Agent Lee fights to the last man and then vanishes. Thomas nervously orders the truck taken, looking around. The special gifts of the aliens are becoming more apparent. Agent Lee surfaces elsewhere, watchful and ready to follow behind.

A woman in a supermarket watches everybody closely. She doesn't trust anybody and is suspicious of a man that talks to her. When he follows her out to the parking lot she jumps him and pins him to the ground. He says he was just giving her a receipt she dropped. It's Vicky. When she gets home she relaxes only to find Sean there with a gun on her. She recognizes Walker. He says that she knows the people he wants to shut down and that she is going to help him.

After Hansen's attack, Sophia and Michael Buchanan hit the road. Sophia's call to President Martinez is too late. He not only barely listens to her but is strongly suspicious of anything she says. Sophia confesses Thomas tricked her. Sterling finally is able to track the calls and gets a team to San Francisco to track her down on the next call. President Martinez says this time it's gloves off for Sophia, the tactical assault team can fire to kill.


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