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Celebrity Apprentice-Childs Play-recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 15th March 2011

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Donald Trump reviews the challenge with Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump watching. The boardroom is tense. The aftermath of David Cassidy being voted off is a shock. His smoke breaks during the pizza challenge made the others angry. Richard the original Survivor and the other celebrity apprentice return to the war room who toast them. (Hatch is currently in court over tax returns and claims Celebrity Apprentice is worth waving jail time).

Meat Loaf and Lisa Rinna are the project managers of the children's book project. The criteria is originality, performance, and age appropriate appeal to the kids who will be in the audience. The children will be four and five years old. The women are team ASAP. Their efforts to work together dissolve into an ultimate power struggle. The women's team heeds Dionne Warwick but Starr Jordan takes over. Rinna is set up to fall, and sees it coming.

Lisa yields to Starr Jordan's aggressiveness and gives her the writing the book. With Marlee Matlin on the team, the issue of whether the lion could be deaf make the project lose impetus. Dionne and Jordan effectively come close to marginalizing the project to their personalities.
Meat Loaf decides to make the book in rhyme. He characterizes Jose Canseco as a "Mrs. Canseco". Meat Loaf directs his new star to brilliance. But Canseco is nervous about so much rhyming memorization.
Gary Busey and Jose Canseco can't find the costume shop in a comedy of errors. Canseco has a temper and it flares. Gary Busey is not a problem solving pathfinder to have along.  When they do find it, the visuals of them shopping for costume props is terrific. Jose Canseco and Gary Busey trying on heels is hilarious. The props later need to be moved by team members and Mark McGrath.

La Toya Jackson and Dionne Warwick rehearse the children's story performance. Dionne's personality and Starr's pushiness arrest the printing of the book without their credits and personal names on the cover. Marlee Matlin says she has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years and she has never seen attitude like that. La Toya is characterized as a lion. They rehearse the lines.

Donald Trump Jr. comes by for a visit. He later comments that the lion who can't roar seems direct from the Wizard of Oz. Dionne takes the credit for the idea. Starr Jordan intentionally delays approval of the cover of the book to get Lisa Rinna confused. The end process results in the execution of a cute book. Dionne won't give up getting credit on the cover, and the Playboy model states nobody singly conceived the book. When Rinna tries to throw a pep talk, Starr and Dionne shoot her down.
In the men's dressing room, the men engage in the spirit of the play. Gary Busey says his character is himself, while Richard Hatch dons the woman's costume. Jose Canseco suits up in the women's costume.

Judges are Holly Robinson Peete and  and Margery  (someone) . Donald Trump Jr. watches with his kids  from the audience. The women's play is a big success. Meat Loaf comes out and begins his speech with an announcement of his name. Little John, a huge rapper, plays the tiny character of Little John in the play. Canseco sweats getting the lines right. "Ms. Canseco walked in".

The men's play puts emphasis on what's inside, not outward size. Canseco struggles with the lines but delivers. At the terminus of the play, Little John grows up (stands to full height). This starts a singalong with dynamic music interchange between Little John and the audience. Little John concludes the song saying "That's  a Rap". Meat Loaf is emotionally proud of the final effect.
In the boardroom Meat Loaf says he was very emotional at the performance. Busey is targeted by Trump as possibly a weak link. Canseco's contribution is minimized. Meat Loaf can't state who he would bring back until he gets team feedback.

Trump questions Lisa Rinna. She discloses being pushed into being the project manager. Trump queries her relationship with Starr. Eric Trump question Rinna's confessed weakness as a leadership gap. Trump says he likes Lisa Rinna's lips better with the reduction. Trump goes off on a  tangent about tattoos and puffed up lips. (the Playboy model does not smile at this). He says to Lisa "Don't go back to the other crap".
Dionne says Lisa had a lot to learn. Trump answers her evil cackle with more questions. Dionne says th

ey won without a doubt. Trump says there is a doubt. After analysis, the women's book font was too small and men won. Meat Loaf starts to cry. His charity wins, so kids are going to camp. Trump says he will be publishing the book, and those proceeds will also be going to his charity Painted Turtle benefiting chronically ill children.

Under Trump's questioning the truth comes out. Dionne Warwick and Starr Jordan gets their knives out for Starr Jordan. But since Starr wrote the book, and the book was lost 2/3 on the themes  and the book, with Starr and Dionne owning those dynamics Eric points out they might leave. Trump questions Matlin and the people laugh when she says people tell her Dionne is a legend. Marlee Matlin says she has no respect for her as a woman due to her language and intimidation.

Trump watches Starr Jordan tear into Lisa Rinna. But the Trumps point out that Lisa has the right to fire Dionne and Starr for their behavior but she does not take the right direction. Trump fires Lisa simply because she won't own up to the role of project manager. In an exit interview Rinna says she was thrown under the bus. Dionne and Starr grin and walk back to the war room.

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