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Modern Family: Believe the Hype

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Written by : published Friday 5th October 2012

You may remember my previous Modern Family review covered episodes 1 to 6. I ended up completing the rest of season 1 fairly quickly, but I'm only just getting around to writing a review of my initial thoughts about the season now.

Modern Family season 1 review

In my first review of the show, I commented that I enjoyed the series but wasn't completely enamoured with it yet. My main concern was Ty Burrell's character, Phil. He provided some comic relief at times but he toed the line of becoming a complete caricature and unrealistically stupid for a respectable father of three. As the season progressed, I don't think the character changed that much; he definitely didn't become any smarter. At the same time, he didn't annoy me to the same extent that he once did. In fact, I came to like him quite a lot. Burrell's portrayal of Phil as being slightly dumb but always well-intentioned couldn't help but bring a smile to my face. One of Phil's standout episodes came in episode 19, "Game Changer," when Claire promises to buy him an iPad for his birthday. When she is unable to get one in time, Phil goes to the batting cages to calm down only to mistakenly believe that Claire has set up a surprise birthday party for him and so he ends up awkwardly walking into a child's party. This was moment in particular was one where Phil's innocence added greatly to the comedy of the episode.

I think the series perfectly hit its stride towards the end of the season. The final two episodes in particular completely encapsulated what the show is about - they were laugh out loud funny but they also emphasised the bond shared between this extended family. Episode 23, "Hawaii," included Jay deciding to focus on his health, to the annoyance of Gloria who had planned on relaxing on their trip. Jay injured his back while lying in a hammock and Phil, in typical fashion, tries to rescue him only for his attempts to fail. The result was Phil falling into the hammock and on top of Jay, to the confusion of passersby. One of this episode's B-stories included Cameron and Mitchell leaving Lily in an elevator. They find her shortly afterwards, only for them to lose her again when they visit a banana plantation. These comedic moments were coupled with Phil and Claire's vow renewal, adding certain heart to the episode. Episode 24, "Family Portrait," was constructed in a similar manner to the previous episode - each individual storyline was extremely enjoyable (particularly Cam's, which involved him trying to chase a pigeon out of his house), but they culminated in a moment where the entire family came together, this time for a family portrait. 

Overall, Modern Family is a great show. The ensemble cast is incredibly talented and I'm looking forward to seeing what lays in store during season 2.


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