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Up All Night rebuilds with 'Friendships & Partnerships'

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Written by : published Tuesday 25th September 2012

Up All Night rebuilds with 'Friendships & Partnerships' main image

What happens when you cancel the Ava show? That almost seems the real question of the episode titled “Friendships & Partnerships” of the recently retooled NBC series Up All Night. No longer is the Ava show a source of income for recent mommy Reagan (Christina Applegate) which is great because it allows her to spend more time with her husband and stay at home dad Chris (Will Arnett) and her daughter Amy. It is also bad though because gone is the five year plan they had set-up and discussed earlier in the series. And what will Ava (Maya Rudolph) do with herself now her show is canceled and how does effect Reagan and Chris? And who the heck is Scott (Luka Jones)?

Scott is Reagan’s brother, who is a construction worker/contractor who has had his own shares of woes and mistakes but now has his head (mostly) on right. With no money coming in, Chris decides to take his ukulele baby guitar to his old office where he was a lawyer. As Chris deals with not adjusting well to a job he does not like, Ava and Reagan fall out over Ava’s inability to deal with having her show canceled.

Look, this is a transitional episode to the new retooled format of Up All Night but if it wasn’t for Jason Lee in last season, I wouldn’t have continued watching the show in the latter half of the season. The fact that they found a guest-star who made the show feel more tonally even, (despite with the Missy character still around), made me wish that Lee was added as a cast member and Up All Night might have been worth watching.


Then again, this new version of Up All Night is too much in its infancy to really say one thing or another concretely, but I will say a few things that bothered me:

Ava was all about her show. I have no idea how they will continue Ava as a reoccurring part of this show realistically.

Reagan retaliates against Ava

The opening titles + a few bits of dialogue make it out that Scott has been around, since like, always. And that makes sense being he is Reagan’s brother. I just wish that they actually mentioned him in season one at some point. Instead it makes his sudden appearance and inclusion to feel forced, and grating (but this is no fault of actor Jones mind you).

For fans of the first season, I sincerely question how you will like these new changes. For someone like myself, I am indifferent mostly as I didn’t love the show, but I could see pluses and minuses to the new ideas being presented.  Overall, it will take a few more episodes to fully get a feel of how Up All Night will be with this new retooled version.

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