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We learn 'Secrets' in the season two finale of FX's Wilfred

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Written by : published Monday 24th September 2012

We learn 'Secrets' in the season two finale of FX's Wilfred main image

"If we knew each other’s secrets, what comfort we should find." - John Churton Collins

That’s the quote that begins Wilfred’s dramatic and philosophically intriguing season two finale titled "Secrets" as during the heart of the wedding between Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) and Drew (Chris Klein), James (Eugene Byrd )returns to give Ryan (Elijah Wood) depressing news, as Wilfred (Jason Gann) pours on even more trouble and mental exhaustion at Ryan’s feet.

We learn that Kevin Jesquire (Rob Riggle) has information that showcases Ryan is the guy behind selling secrets of his company for large sums of money. Ryan though swears he had nothing to do with it. And we believe him. At first. Our own belief in our lead (including Ryan’s own belief in himself) is questioned upon looking at a drawing that he drew from his childhood that featured Wilfred yet Ryan has no recollection of drawing it. And then there is the return of Amanda (Allison Mack). Will Ryan tell Amanda everything?


When Amanda exclaims that she too can hear Wilfred talk, you are excited until you realize no, Amanda is just plum crazy. And her admitting to stealing the funds was even more devastating.

It was an odd ending for season two, considering it was leading to a confrontation it felt like between Ryan and his father; the idea that his father was behind the whole thing in itself was interesting but a red herring. Not to say I didn’t enjoy the episode at all. As always show creator/runner David Zuckerman keeps myself and other fans on our toes to the point where we don’t know where the show is going next. What is a red herring? What is not a red herring?

In some ways, I feel this is Zuckerman’s own attempt at spitting in the face of the creators and the fans of L0ST for creating a show similarly built on red herrings and constant mystery boxes but at the same time, trying to actually tell an equally good story. (Though, for some of you, that comment about L0ST being a good show is up for debate, rest assured.)

So is Ryan nuts? That is the big secret that the show asks in the final moments. When Wilfred admits to drawing a child’s picture that he claimed Ryan drew, we are relieved a bit. But when Ryan does find proof he drew the picture when he was a child, it further questions Ryan’s sanity.

My old complaint about series tone has been absent for a bit, and that would be because the series of Wilfred has really levelled the playing field in terms of making sure the tone is the best of both worlds.

Overall Wilfred continues to impress as we head into season three. Ah, but what is in store for season three is now the opportune question. Zuckerman and crew took an amazing leap forward with taking Jenna as a possible love interest out of the equation. I will admit, this saddens me a bit, as I enjoy Jenna, but I dare say it is even more of a daring move on their part. A normal television series would have had the wedding some how stopped or broken up with something silly like a gunshot to the leg, or Wilfred and Ryan break the wedding up while they walk down the aisle. Instead, the wedding continues, even amidst the turmoil swirling around in Ryan’s life. But if you think about it, aren’t weddings chaos? How fitting that chaos for Ryan erupts at a wedding.

Just sayin’.

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