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Fall first thoughts 2012: NBC's Guys with Kids

Guys with Kids poster

Written by : published Friday 14th September 2012

Fall first thoughts 2012: NBC's Guys with Kids main image

The fall television season continues to chug along and are we a victim or are we the beneficiaries?

NBC premiered its new series last night titled Guys with Kids. The “Pilot” established the series as three 30-something dads struggle as parents because they are still children at heart.  The 30-soemthing dads in question are the recently divorced/now single-dad Chris (Jesse Bradford), the father of four Gary  (Anthony Anderson), and the oddly jovial Nick (Zach Cregger).  And sometimes these dads go on adventures. But are the adventures worth going on as television viewers?

Bradford, Anderson and Cregger are all fine actors and try to really do the best they can with what they have, which admittedly isn’t much.  The characters/actors that walk away with something as a viewer was Nick and his wife Emily (played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler of the Sopranos) and Gary and his wife Marny (Tempestt Bledsoe). Besides the interaction between Nick and Emily, and Nick and Gary, (minus the bit of Marny and Gary at the end of the episode) everything else about Guys with Kids was just beyond groan-worthy. 

Wii, anyone?

Sadly Guys wth Kids is not only groan-worthy, but most of it feels like a slap in the face to viewers.  The only real sincerely funny moment of inspired comedy comes from Cregger and Anderson playing Nintendo Wii discussing what really transpired between Nick and his wife Emily; it was genuinely funny.

I interrupt my normal review process for one small note: Also depressing is the fact that they keep saying everywhere this is executive produced by Jimmy Fallon. Really, Fallon? While I prefer The Late Late Show over you, I still find your humor and show amusing and funny, but this makes me a sad panda.  Please tell NBC to stop plastering your name all over it. It isn't a project I'd want my name to be associated with. Okay, now back to the review in process.

Overall, Guys with Kids is a waste of talent for Angerson, Bradford, and Cregger.  And can I just say it is particularly wasteful for Anderson, Sigler and Cregger. Personally this examiner won’t waste any more time on this series, and suggests that you don’t waste your time either. Don't be a victim. Watch a better television show such as Go On and accept your place as a beneficiary of good television.

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