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CSI NY -Do or Die- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 13th March 2011

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Murder at Archford prep school. A luxury school where high class kids mingle with others while taking advanced courses, all is not well. At this Upper East Side New York high school for the children of the wealthy, a girl staggers into a hallway. A 5 star education is offered on arts and sciences. But the CSI lab finds a bloody wound on the back of her head. A stylish, smart, beautiful young girl is dead. Even Hammerback is solemn to get the body.

Olivia Prescott, the most popular girl at Archford, was killed by a powerful blow to the head. The CSIs follow the mold on her knees to the library carpet, and the book in her backpack directs the CSIs to where she was just before the killing. They find evidence of a sexual tryst, with Olivia's position at the bookshelf in direct view. They posit that her seeing the sexual act led one of the partners to kill her. Mac (Gary Sinise) sees all the students taking cellphone pictures.

A book of Greek Tragedies from the library points the CSIs to the killing location. The bathroom is the hit zone, with a perp hiding in one of the stalls on the toilet, leaving footprints on the commode. Jo says they were lying in wait. The shoe print is tangled with feces of an Empire scorpion. In the library, a mess in the corner shows evidence of a struggle, or an active sexual encounter. The CSI team think the killer might have been a teacher caught in the act.

The CSI pair Messer and Lindsay discuss public school while walking the halls of Archford. They find the prints and ID of the two people having sex. The girl Becky thinks she is getting into Harvard. She says Archford has a zero tolerance policy towards almost everything. Benjamin Gold has a record, and a hidden video camera and shelf of porn movies in his locker.  "Principal Andrew's Big Exam" is the name of the DVD produced in the Gold boy's locker. Mac and Hawkes go to a class and are mistaken for judges of a terrarium of a lizard.

Gold says Olivia discovered them filming in the library and then waited until afterward to ask him to star in of the porn films. But JJ in the lab finds dirt on Olivia that is the exact physical compound found on Mars. Jo says this is secondary transfer and that someone at Archford academy had it on them at the time of Olivia's murder. With the Empire scorpion clue, they search for a geek. There are scorpions in the biology lab. Mr. Booker the biology teacher says one of the students scared Emmy, a student, in the bathroom her footprints were found. He says Emmy Thomas was singled out as a target of jokes.

Mac and Hawkes question Emmy. She is upset to realize that they know she was in the bathroom. She hid there to get herself together after Jimmy dropped the scorpion on her desk. Two cheerleaders came in gossiping about her so she hid. Cynthia Evans and Rachel Hostaway are questioned and said they knew she was there. Jo says she was a former cheerleader and she would have kicked them to the D team. Olivia Prescott had  a signed consent letter for the porn videos, perhaps Gold is in the clear.
Mac starts reading the label on the victim's water bottle. It has coded history answers to it. The CSI lab realizes the label of the bottle is a cheat cheat. Mac asks to see what exams are at Archford, and the AP history exam is scheduled. Mac posits that Olivia was too smart to need the crib, that she had caught a cheater. Fingerprint transfers to the bottle yield a new perp suspect. The bottled cheat sheet smudged the letter F into the victim's thumb.

But the prints don't come up in the database.
The Martian soil clue leads to another discovery. The Chilean Otocama desert soil is what the substance is. The bar code on the water bottle is traced to the grocery store nearest Archford. The student with the biology exhibit, Alan, with Emmy Thomas has a mother who used a credit card to buy it. Archford never suspected cheating. But Jo finds in Olivia's yearbook a strangely intimate signature from the Biology student Alan, who studied with her every week.

Questioned by Jo and Flack he admits liking Olivia but denies killing her. Finally he admits helping her cheat. But Emmy Thomas under questioning from Mac and Danville says that Olivia exploited Alan using her popularity as a lure. Alan made the test cheat for Olivia and gave it to her while Emmy hid nearby hearing everything. Emmy confronted Olivia, who caught on to the fact that
Emmy says it made her sick to watch Alan risk his entire future and grades and college entrance on Olivia, who didn't deserve. Mac says Olivia didn't deserve to die. Emmy says she regrets killing Olivia but feels good that she stood up for her best friend. Mac and Danville discuss how high school isn't forever. Emmy gets the perp walk in front of the entire school to the policie car.

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