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CSI :The F List -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 12th March 2011

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Two lines of prisoners jump each other, and Ray and Nick come into the Nevada State Penitentiary where a pile on resulted in a dead stabbed man. The two teams of prisoners are lined up against the wall. The Aryan Brotherhood attacked the other and the fight hid the murder. Brass says the victim, Vance, was a former Bryant County deputy. This case rakes up dirty laundry for the entire squad. Brass says Vance he had a short fuse and was imprisoned for killing his wife.

Ray said he willing to take his chances in general population but had a new trial coming up.
The blood on the prisoner jumpsuits. Ray shows a tough side that shows he isn’t afraid of the convicts and Nick works likewise. But as Brass is reminiscing about the man’s dead wife, Nick acts funny and later goes to Catherine. Found in Vance’s cell was a notebook full of officer names, including Brass’. Nick says Anne-Marie’s bedfellows were all of Southern Nevada law enforcement. The CSI’s boss is on the list as well. Vartann, Catherine’s ex, is also on the F-list.

The situation is tense because the CSI lab put most of those felons in prison.
Ray has to shout viciously at the prisoners to get their clothes off and reveal tattoos.
The cellmates watch while the CSI officers check the cells. The body shows double digit stabbings, this was not an accident. Catherine remembers Vance, says he used to be a good looking guy. The CSIs dress up dummies in the prison uniforms and re-create the stabbing. This was a hit. But Ray can’t get the guilty party to talk.

Brass recalls how the wife played around with a lot of the men. Anne-Marie slept with a lot of men on the squad. Nick finds that Vance was appealing his trial verdict based on new evidence. He was convinced it was a cop on the list. Catherine and Nick are shocked that Brass and others didn’t recuse themselves from the case. Brass confesses and he says Vance said in front of everybody he would kill Anne-Marie if she left him. Her body was never found. The visitor log shows Vance had one constant visitor, the dead woman’s sister Jody.

Video surveillance and a cellphone hidden in a cell traces one man responsible for the deed. But Tomas Martinez won’t talk. Martinez is doing 30 years for a DUI. Carlos is an accomplice. The cellphone gets traced to his sister with four children. Ray sits on the man to get the info. He says if the sister gets nailed the kids go to foster care, and does he know what happens to kids in foster care? Ray then says oh that’s right that’s where you came from.

Martinez says the cop hit gives him status in jail. He says the hit was a favor for somebody on the outside. He asks Brass if he has any idea how hard it is inside, Brass says, no, because I don’t drink and drive. If the CSI’s handle the case wrong, their jobs could be on the line.  Bryant County police officers were on the list, and the gang bangers in the jail were also from Bryant County. Catherine meets with Vartann, who is angry and unwilling to cooperate as a result of her notification.

All the evidence is re-run, and a nonhardening agent is found in the blood on the floor of the car found on the state line. That means someone planted the blood there. When the prisoner Carlos
is found to have come up with $5,000 bail, Ray sniffs around. Catherine questions Vartann in a coffee shop. He knew Anne Marie. he said the department didn’t care if they handled the case. When Greg runs the evidence he also finds that the rush to judgement advanced past the chemical blood analysis and the tainted blood evidence. Meanwhile Stokes talks to Jody, who says she is sure Vance didn’t kill her sister. She won’t say how she knows.

The CSI squad notice relevances from the evidence to other cases. Cops learn about crime from their cases, and the planted blood evidence was on Lucas Martin’s case history. When the CSI’s team heads to where Martin’s perps hide the bodies, Jody’s body is found freshly dead. Conrad, the CSI boss, is also on the scene, angry they have violated procedure and not notified Bryant County law enforcement. Word of the “List” case has gotten around fast in LVPD circles. Catherine fills him in.

Lucas Martin shows up at the scene , now a head executive in Bryant County law enforcement. By insulting Catherine and refusing a firearms powder test, he looks good for complicity. Lucas is found and he is arrested. Now chief detective, he says he helped Anne-Marie frame her own death to get away from Vance. The CSI’s find a bank transfer made while he is in prison. An orphanage in Mexico has been getting payments. And Jody was dead, which only leaves Anne-Marie. Vance was framed, by his own wife.

Martin pleads innocent, but Brass remembers another gun from a judge given as a gift, a Sig-Sauer, and this is the make and model that killed Jody. Brass asks who he gave the gun too. They realize Anne-Marie, a former cop,  is still alive, and killed her sister to keep the money rolling in from her life insurance. Vartann shows up, saying Anne-Marie had another friend in the force, a guy who couldn’t cut it at the Academy.They track him to corrections, and he is working in the same jail as the murder. He meets Anne Marie, who gets caught in a sting. Brass says she is going down, but she says “How many men will be on the jury?”.

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