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Futurama has 'Fun On A Bun'

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Written by : published Sunday 5th August 2012

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I lamented in my review of the first two episodes (which made an hour long premiere) of Comedy Central’s Futurama that both episodes tried too hard to be something that was meant to stir up emotion when it comes to Fry and Leela.  Then again, I think Futurama has always been keen on playing with the audiences emotions from “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings” to “Overclocked” , the show plays well with this concept from start to finish, other times, like in those first two episodes it is a case of so close but yet so far. 


Again this is not meant as a slam against those episodes, as Futurama is still Futurama meaning it was still good.  But it wasn’t as good as it could have been.  Then again, I never would argue against having those episodes to not having any at all but I digress.   Last week Futurama’s most recent episode was really what I was looking for even though I didn’t know it at the time, but it was turning into a revealing Fry and Leela episode. With a title of “Fun On A Bun” it would have been easily surmised it would have little to do with Fry or Leela’s relationship but Bender doing a competition, which was the story that drove Fry and Leela’s entire story-arcs for the episode.  When Fry is killed during Bender’s grinding of a wooly mammoth for a hot dog competition, it is here that Leela erases her memories of Fry because she misses him so.


Ironically Leela broke up with Fry which caused some of the best realization that Fry, like us viewers, have no idea what Fry and Leela are. So when Leela breaks up with Fry, his response of “We were going out? Whoo-o-o! I mean, Noo-o-o!" was hilarious as it was true for us as it was for Fry. 


But Fry wasn’t really dead. Fry apparently escaped death and found his way, nasty bump on his head and all with the Neanderthals who look to Fry as a semi-leader.  With Fry leading the rebellion against normal man, Fry still cant help shake the feeling that he is forgetting someone in particular. And that someone has purple hair.  If you guessed Leela, you’d be right.


With Fry now dead and Leela’s memories erased, the Planet Express gang work really hard at trying to do and say things that do not remind or spark a possible dead memory of Fry, and despite a few slip-ups from Bender and Hermes, it isn’t those things that remind her Fry, it is other little things all together, like a Chicken Hat.


When a war between man and Neanderthal breaks out,  both sides leading the charge are Leela and Fry respectively, we know that both will get their memories by episode in, but it was such a fitting ending, and further more it felt earned, that it was easily one of the best episodes of the entire season.

 Fry gets wasted...

“Fun On A Bun” also featured a lovely reappearance from Zapp Brannigan who has as always great dialogue if kept brief, short and sweet: "In recognition of your overwhelming victory, let’s call it a draw." And who could not also love the nod to the classic animation series The Flintstones at the end of the episode?


Overall Futurama continues to impress with its return and it is episodes like “Fun On A Bun” which gives nice reminders for us fans casual and not so casual, as to why.


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