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Harvey gets Litt up in Suits latest episode ‘Sucker Punch’

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Written by : published Sunday 5th August 2012

Harvey gets Litt up in Suits latest episode ‘Sucker Punch’ main image

It was my favorite joke of the entire episode.  I had to lead the review with it in the title of the article but Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) cracks me up.  When he said that Harvey would be “Litt up” I had to pause, rewind my DVR and watch again. 


And again.


Okay, where was I?  Oh yeah, my review of this week’s Suits episode titled “Sucker Punch” which featured a mock trail; with the case being brought upon Harvey Specter and the firm (Gabriel Macht) by Travis Tanner (Eric Close)  Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) decides to run a test-run to iron out the kinks in Harvey’s case.  And it will be a hard case too: Tanner sets up Harvey right where he wants him during a recorded deposition making everyone including Mike realize that Harvey’s weak link is himself as everyone believes him to truly lack integrity.    As all the pieces of the board begin to take their places for what is shaping up to be the battle of Gettysburg for the Civil War within Pearson & Hardman, “Sucker Punch” was exactly what the titles implies for almost all characters involved except one.

This naturally comes with a few ideas or conspiracy theories to throw out there, but this is how good season two of Suits has become.  While many can and will argue that Suits season one was a great lawyer show that didn’t feature on the characters, I can only tend to disagree 100%.  While I enjoyed Suits during its freshman run, year two has been amazing.  I remember I was doing some research on the Zoe Lawford (Jacinda Barrett) character as I forgot to document her in my notes and I saw for as just as many of us on the interweb, critics and fans who praise season two, there are just as many detractors which makes me a bit sad.  In particular one comment notes “None of the cases are memorable during season two because of all the boring politics while all the cases in season one had something personal to do with the characters.”

I can’t further agree with this statement either, as I barely remember any cases that happened during season one. I remember the characters. I remember ‘their’ storylines but not the cases around them because Suits as much as I dug it, featured more case-work and less character work.  And while we can bemoan opposing viewpoints, I praise Suits for being better than it once was.  Also I appreciate the complete tonal shifts.  Harvey was the fan-favorite in season one, and Mike is the everyman we root for, but  we all clamored for more of Harvey.  He is our Han Solo and Mike is our Luke Skywalker. And this is their rendition of Empire Strikes Back.  Harvey played by Macht is just as swanky, debonair, dashing and rogue as Ford’s Solo was in the original sacred film trilogy, and they are following in the same steps to make us care even more about Harvey.  And boy, do I care more than ever.


Louis tears into Donna

Heck, they also are making me care a great deal about Louis Litt, a character played to weasely perfection by Rick Hoffman that we forget that Louis is not just the antagonist to Harvey Specter but he is a character with real feelings wants and needs, even if they are against that of my favorite leads Harvey and Mike.

Jessica plays up Louis’s dislike of Harvey to the 9th degree by making Louis the prosecution against Harvey, as she knows, as well as Harvey that if provoked that Tanner will come and thus Louis, at Harvey with everything he’s got. And by god, Louis goes for it.  But at a price.  In a weird way you begin to see a diverging path, once I’m sure we might explore next week, between Harvey and Louis, but Louis at some point was swayed by the dark side of the force, by being manipulative and cruel, but at the same time, Louis has a heart. The plan to get Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) up on the stand despite her following a script that Louis, Mike and Donna worked out (which is basically Donna pleading the 5th for everything) made Louis realize that he need to rip into her. For us viewers, this seemed typical Louis, and like Mike, we wanted to believe Louis wouldn’t go for the jugular but when it happened, we could only think “Oh Louis. Don’t. Why?”  Louis’ line of questioning that shocked Donna was if she loved Harvey. And while it seemed bad for Harvey at first glance, by Harvey seeming concerned for Donna, Zoe, Jessica and Mike showcased that it showed that Harvey had integrity, and cared about his employees and cared, well, period.

Then there is Harvey, furious, frustrated about what happened to Donna that he confronts Louis in the bathroom.  But this is not a confident Louis Litt. He seems shaken, upset. It’s a bit odd until Harvey rips into Louis and that is where we see a bit of the real Louis Litt. The real Louis Litt is destroyed by the fact he had to do that to Donna. It was truly heart wrenching to see him speak so fondly of Donna. And further more, he had to do that to placate Harvey, and his case.  Everything is Harvey’s fault. And the idea that he had to hurt Donna just to help Harvey enrages Louis even more.  It was some of the best dialogue, acting, general story arc build-up I’ve seen in a television show in quite some time.  And again, like all individuals, we project our own thoughts and opinions into characters, but I truly felt that Louis was Lando to Harvey’s Han Solo, or Eddie Brock/Venom to Harvey’s Peter Parker/Spider-man; Little moments make the man, and despite how much we try to hide those moments away, they still creep up.

The trial ends up being a success for showcasing that they could very successfully go to trial with a bit of a decent case, but at what cost?  As Mike slaves away to find a cure, Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) himself steps up to help Mike and by doing so, gets Travis Tanner to offer a settlement. But at what cost? The end of the episode has Harvey breaking a tie to settle instead of going to court, and in the process, Hardman uses that as leverage to take it to a vote to take Jessica Pearson down a notch.

Now, here is where the conspiracy theories crop up.   Remember in the first few episodes that once Hardman came back as ‘his office was renovated’ that he was ‘reviewing case files’? How strange. What if he actually planted the document against Harvey? He wants Harvey to go to court.  He wants him disbarred. He wants revenge on both Jessica and Harvey and by this case he can do it in one fowl swoop. Also, isn’t it strange we don’t know what it was that Hardman found in the files, that he gave to Tanner to make him back off?

“Now Nick,” you say, “-but it had Donna’s timestamp and signature. Donna even confirmed it. How did he fake that? And how would he fake a document? The case was done during Pearson’s tenure as managing partner not him, or at least that is how it is set up. And finally Nick, what purpose does Daniel Hardman gain with his law suit losing money and defaced in the press if Harvey loss? He is a partner, shareholder thus it would effect business and cost him money across the board no matter how you cut it.”

Harvey prepares for the storm ahead

Now random reader, I hear you: all valid points. But let’s look into the fact that in television, close to life (but not too close) money is power. Hardman has money. Thus, he has power. He could find someone to recreate the documents; to recreate the document itself WITH Donna’s signature. Also it isn’t hard when you think about how many people want Harvey gone or dead as NO ONE likes Harvey. Heck, his clients don’t necessary love him.  Add angry clients, angry former Senior Partner, angry rival lawyer, plus all the humiliation and damage to the man and woman who caused his own discomfort years before, it was a perfect game of chess. Hardman not only played Louis, Jessica and Harvey, he played Tanner AND Mike in the process. And all it cost him in the end of $100 grand.

And there is the conspiracy theory that bumbling comic relief and Louis Litt stooge Harold Jakowski (Max Topplin) is putting on an act and could be helping Hardman but that could be too on the nose. The biggest revenge would be for Harvey and Jessica to see that everyone (intentional or not) helped bring the two of them down, from Louis to Mike. 

Overall it was a great episode of Suits as “Sucker Punch” delivered all across the board.

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