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Covert Affairs ponders 'The Last Thing You Should Do'

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Written by : published Tuesday 31st July 2012

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Sometimes a crisis brings people together.

That was part of the lesson learned in “The Last Thing You Should Do”, the episode featuring Joan (Kari Matchett) and Lena (Sarah Clarke) putting their differences aside as Annie (Piper Perabo) works desperately to save Auggie (Christopher Gorham) who has run into trouble visiting Parker (Devin Kelley) in Africa while planning to purpose marriage.

Granted the crisis only brought people together and created further friction and/or reminded both parties why they don’t work together, but I digress.

It was an interesting episode; it was nice to put Auggie again in the fore front in what would normally be an “Annie Situation”.  Truth be told it was nice to see.  Covert Affairs has been about changing the game a bit, moving the pieces around on the board. It feels as if last season was a test or ‘trial’ phase, while this season continues along with the pieces moving further along their predetermined path for the end game.

For example, Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek) the sister to Annie Walker, is now getting back with her husband which also means that she would be moving away from Washington D.C.  This is both good and bad as it could free up a possible loose end for Annie, but it also frees up more story-time for other things.*

* I say this with some sadness though as I enjoy Dudek, but so far the show hasn’t really found a way to make her character work within the context of the show since she has ‘found out’ and then forgave her sister for lying to her about being in the CIA.

Granted, that might change in the next few episodes but with the loss of Sendhil Ramamurthy, it doesn’t completely surprise me that they might be also cutting Dudek loose as a regular from the show. 

The show also introduced an old friend of Lena, a former U.S. citizen and ally played by Julianne Nicholson who is the leader of the Pirates who take on Parker, Auggie and his friends.  It also furthered the rivalry and angry feelings between Joan and Lena. Apparently Lena sacrificed an operative almost like she did with Auggie back when she worked with Joan, who has been the past few episodes very vocal about her displeasure with.  Joan also seems to warn of how Lena’s past contacts have a way to crop up and cause problems, just like the character Nicholson plays.

Auggie squares off against U.S. Citizen and leader of the pirates played by Julianne Nicholson

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Nicholson as the season progresses, as the past few episodes have really snapped to.  Focusing on Auggie, seeing a real role reversal was quite nice for the series, and it even left the future of Parker and Auggie in doubt as despite Parker finding out, breaking off the engagement and then agreeing again to marry him upon forgiving him, we viewers were not blind to the look Parker has as she hugs him at the end of the episode.  Which in itself is sad, but helps further the idea of Annie and Auggie together.

Personally, I enjoy Parker and Kelley’s performance of Parker, she has great chemistry with Gorham, and to see it play out perhaps for yet a full season more would be interesting. 

Covert Affairs continues to chug along at a nice pace (now) while continuing to beg the question for us viewers where it will continue to go. I continue to stay intrigued and along for the ride.

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