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Suits is 'All In'

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Written by : published Tuesday 31st July 2012

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Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) continues his dangerous free-fall in the latest episode of Suits titled “All In”. 

The free fall continues in the form of Harvey and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) taking a case where the personal history between the client and Harvey forces Harvey and Mike to embrace unorthodox methods which might further jeopardize the firm.  Meanwhile Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) run into each other during a ballet function and team up to save a mutually beloved institution for the ballet from ruin while Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) runs into difficult problems while trying to protect the lawsuit against Harvey in the firm from becoming open files to the public.

While on the surface, the idea of Harvey and Mike dressing in a tux and gambling seems fun, but the real thrill for me was to really see Harvey sweat.  While season one was more about Mike, season two is actually a bit more about Harvey.

Not to say Mike isn’t important, but the shift of focus is now on Specter, as it was his decision to hire Mike, he is the one being sued, it is technically his fault that Pearson and Hardman are quietly having an internal power struggle, etc.  To see Harvey squirm even further is more enlightening as a viewer, as season one was about Mike sweating and Harvey being cool, this is more about the sides slowly shifting the balance of power.

And then there is the uneasy alliance that Louis Litt has with whoever in the show this week. In this case, it ended up being Rachel (wonderfully played by the adorable Miss Markle).  Suits also in the first season really helped create a budding dislike or hatred as a viewer towards Louis, and if season two has been shifting balance from Mike to Specter, then season two of Suits has also been shifting power from making us dislike to actually feel bad and sympathize for Louis. 

While Louis and Rachel’s story line in “All In” was more comical in nature, the fact it led to Mike finding out that Louis recorded his conversation with Harvey, which spurred Hardman’s wrath even further, and thus a confrontation between Harvey and Louis at the end of the episode. Again, while the scene played out with a bit of comical pathos, it was still intense, as I can understand why Louis did what he did.

Harvey and Mike cruise the casino in their tuxes

Louis isn’t truly a bad guy, but at some point, getting passed over, lied to and manipulated has taken the same skills which he uses in court and apply them in his personal life around and out of the office.  And I feel that Louis is somewhat justified.  I cringed a bit when Mike lied to Louis a few episodes back, and again, I understand why Mike did that, he is truly aligned with Harvey, but Louis was reaching out in an honest and open moment.  Mike could have been cloak and dagger but honest: yes, something is going on but I can’t tell you what it is due to my allegiance with Harvey.  Instead Mike tries to be kind by lying all together, something that further spurs Louis’s anger. And the fact that the same recorded conversation Mike sticks up for Louis saying something very true which is Louis yearns to have what Harvey has, which is respect and a place at the table with mommy and daddy (Harvey, Hardman and Pearson aka as partner).

It could be stated as an example as a reason alone that Suits continues its almost near perfect second season with the episode “All In”.  I keep walking away feeling surprised that the series hasn’t faltered yet. Plus the interesting build-up and further character develop is impressive and applaud-worthy.

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