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'Fools Russian' So Wise Men Say on Royal Pains

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Written by : published Monday 30th July 2012

'Fools Russian' So Wise Men Say on Royal Pains main image

The episode name was “Fools Russian” but we have also excepted some type of Star Trek reference, such as “Beam Me Up, Scotty”. 

It was the Star Trek-nerdy episode of Royal Pains which picked up immediately where the last episode “About Face” ended; the helicopter lands in New York and Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz (Campbell Scott) reveals his real reason for bringing Hank (Mark Feuerstein): a business deal must go down with an old Russian friend but the problem is that Boris fears his friend is very sick.  As Hank fends off feelings for the interpreter Christina, meanwhile back in the Hampton’s, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Dr. Sacani (Ben Shenkman) treat Brady Wilkerson (Ryan Hansen). Brady is a rich man who is using his wealth to prepare to go back up into space but begins to get very sick. Meanwhile Divya (Reshma Shetty) deals with the shattered relationship with her coma-based father.

Besides the hilariously awesome Star Trek references, the episode “Fools Russian” is a good example of how Royal Pains does a great job of introducing new side characters and really breathing life into them. Besides Scrubs, I can’t really think of a show that on such a consecutive basis does such a great job of introducing a B-squad of characters that are so well-rounded that you want them to join the cast or keep showing up again and again.  Ranging from Paige, Tucker Bryant (Ezra Miller), Ms. Newberg, Dr. Van Dyke and more. What I am trying to say is the continuing presence of Dr. Jeremiah Sacani played by Ben Shenkman continues to be a giant massive treat for me as a reviewer and as a fan of Royal Pains.

For a character who at first seems as comical relief, Shenkman continues to take what is on the page and add gravitas to a wonderfully written character. No longer is he just comical relief, but like Evan who was the comical foil to Hank, is really a fully fleshed out character with his own wants, needs, and demons.  The rule of ‘know thyself’ is a great personal idea of mine, and to see characters in shows, like Shenkman, ‘know’ that he is challenged socially, but logistically is correct in his diagnosis, is something that adds a want as a viewer to root for Sacani even more as a permanent member of HankMed.

Sacani and Divya prepare for their day

While I never once felt Evan was out of line, he was actually very un-Evan in terms of being kind to Sacani (he was trying to lessen the blow and choose his words carefully) we still saw Sacani’s perspective that Evan was doing the same thing that Sacani did to Brady Wilkerson with his diagnosis.

It is little things, little moments like this that make me love Royal Pains. Despite any faults (and there can be a few here and there) the show continues to give us wonderful characters and pique our interests with on-going plot threads such as HankMed and Hank’s role with Boris. 

Speaking of Hank and Boris, it seems Hank’s new love interest Christina is coming back with Hank and Boris to Shadowpond to further assist in translating Boris’ friend Dmitry Vasilyev (Mark Ivanir). I hope we see Wilkerson again in the future, the idea of how Hank fits into Boris’ master plans seems all the more interesting as well and overall, I can’t wait to see where Royal Pains continues to takes us.

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