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Falling Skies loses many in 'Molon Labe'

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Written by : published Tuesday 24th July 2012

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Sunday was a night full of twists and surprising turns including a death* of more than one of the 2nd Mass in TNT’s Falling Skies newest episode “Molon Labe”. The episode “Molon Labe” continues exactly where we left off, with Karen (Jessy Schram) introducing Ben (Connor Jessup) to the ‘Fishhead’ or ‘Overlord’ or ‘her master’, meanwhile some new enemy makes their way into the hospital.

*Note: abandon hope as ye progress further beyond this point as there be spoilers. You have been warned.

While for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the first to bite it, I believe it was Boon (Billy Wickman) who was horribly gunned down like, and I hate to say this but this is the type of act that is highly characterized in old war films, but like a Jew from a Nazi.  As Boon is led to believe he can return to the 2nd Mass, a mech slowly fires a bullet into him as he struggles to continue forward, each bullet piercing him once… and once again… and once again until he can no longer crawl.

It was quite horrifying, as while I didn’t personally care for Boon, no one deserved a death like that as Boon did suffer slowly. I was almost expecting one of the 2nd Mass to take him out, but no one from the unit did that, they were, like us viewers, just as taken back.

And then there was the death of Jamil (Brandon Jay McLaren).  I knew his time was up the moment he said he loved Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel).  Despite figuring he would meet his demise, I wasn’t expecting the way he died, at all.  And as audience members we are still not 100% sure what they are, but they are small spider-like creatures that not only crawled through his mouth and ate their way through him, hence the more shocking reveal that he was definitely dead, but that they were small enough to crawl through pipes, vents and that they can slowly eat their way through metal.

While Falling Skies has been known for, to me at least, being a summer show, the TNT series has been really bringing it’s a-game this season. From the loss of many characters we have loved or grown fond of or were on the verge of caring for, like it happens in war or in a situation like this if it were to occur, we lose people.  Jamil was more horrifying between the two, simply because the reveal of the whole creepy-crawly bugs pouring out of his mouth. 

What was also important was that Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) finally did something I would do in a situation that was presented, and that was shoot the overlord in the shoulder or neck area, and let him bleed out.  Now, that sounds cruel but after the horrifying death of Boon, followed by Jamil, and seeing what he was doing with Ben, it was simply the thing that he should do. Usually in television shows including ones like Falling Skies, rarely does the character go against his normal judgment and he or she pays the price and thus creates drama for us viewers.  Being a huge fan of L0ST, I know I was one of the few that enjoyed Jack’s role as the show’s lead because I felt he was true to himself and acted very rationally for a man in his situation. When Tom shots the overlord, I felt it was something that we, or at least I, as a viewer, would do. Normally shows like this, the lead doesn’t shoot the baddie and he festers a bit longer. No, Tom just ups and shoots him.

Anne battles the new evil critters

For as much death and destruction as there was, “Molon Labe” ends with a bit of hope as 2nd Mass uses the shot overlord as a bargaining chip to escape.

For a series that is more popcorn based entertainment tonight’s episode “Molon Labe” which is a phrase reconstructed from Ancient Greek which means “Come and take them” was fantastic and seemed to further show that Falling Skies is trying to be more than the general popcorn based entertainment it seems to be.  Matter of factly the whole second season thus far feels to give off that vibe.  Let’s just hope with three to four episodes left, Falling Skies won’t fail to lose the momentum.

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