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Falling Skies features a 'Homecoming'

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd July 2012

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More than a few faces return and that is exactly what the title “Homecoming” of Sunday night’s episode of Falling Skies references. When Hal Mason (Drew Roy) and Margaret (Sarah Carter) are doing perimeter and find bodies of children without their harnesses, one of the bodies found is none other than Hal’s possible girlfriend Karen (Jessy Schram), and bigger yet, she is still alive. As Tom (Noah Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood) deal with the sudden health threat overcoming Captain Weaver (Will Patton), Ben (Connor Jessup) begins to question his true royalty to the 2nd Mass. So which way does Ben go? And does he really have all the facts or is he blinded by something else? And what does the return of Pope (Colin Cunningham) and Anthony (Mpho Koaho) mean?

To say it was an episode jammed pack with drama was an understatement. Falling Skies seemed to finally reference (at least to me) that Anne and Tom had been in a relationship carnal or otherwise before he went into the space craft, and it really raised the stakes on what exactly was going on with Ben.  The return of not just Karen but also Pop and Anthony marks significant changes and points in the series, as now Karen is being used to lure Ben out from the comfort and protection of the 2nd Mass into what Pope reveals is a trap. 

I knew they wouldn’t keep Pope out of the picture for too long. Cunningham literally chews scenery and one can tell he just savors every moment or scene that to remove a character too long from any show would be madness. I had concerns that Pope could be too much of a good thing, but the writers have a nice balance of Pope in the first few episodes until his exile, and now, seemingly, his return. Pope, despite his dislike of Tom, comes with ill tidings for him and 2nd Mass and that is Karen is after Ben because his ties to the Skitter resistance. Which not only proves that Karen is using Ben by praying on his fear of being different and sexual wiles, but that the Skitter I jokingly refer to as ‘Scarface’ was not lying to Ben and the others about trying to lead a rebellion.

Which makes Falling Skies even more cooler than it already was.  For a show on TNT, or any cable network, the show has a kindred spirit with The Waking Dead. Now, granted, The Walking Dead has a bit more going for it, a few more richer characters, but Falling Skies is still a good show, and is not a bad way to kill an hour. But when you drop ideas like this, it really makes it seem all the more interesting than the general alien invasion vs rebels television show or film. My only complaint, perhaps, is the heavy reliance on keeping characters grounded which I’m sure fans of The Walking Dead might agree with as well, as a lot of complaints about taking too long at the farmhouse could be said here. 

Falling Skies episode 6

Why not keep Tom in a leadership capability? While I agree that Weaver IS the source of glue that holds 2nd Mass together, why not stretch it out a few episodes? It felt too nicely and neatly wrapped up by episode’s end.

The story in question was the infection on Weaver’s leg, spreading and causing Anne and Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) needing to do a blood transfusion with Weaver’s own blood. To explain it further would be confusing and time consuming, but point is, they save Weaver by episode’s end. While we may not see the end of the overall Weaver was bitten by that slug harness thing, why not stretch this point into the beginning of the next episode?

Bah. Perhaps I am being an old man-like reviewer, asking Falling Skies to get off my lawn. Which is silly to use that analogy because I do enjoy Falling Skies and honestly that was the only fault I found with the episode “Homecoming”.  While it isn’t  The Walking Dead, TNT’s Falling Skies has a great cast that sells the perhaps weaker moments and it soars with bits of genius sprinkled through out.

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