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Check out the 'Summer Girls' with Franklin & Bash

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd July 2012

Check out the 'Summer Girls' with Franklin & Bash main image

In the latest episode of TNT’s Franklin & Bash titled “Summer Girls” Hanna Linden(Garcelle Beauvais) has suspect yet hidden motives in helping Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) take on a case with two female Navy Sailors who are fighting for their right to be the top of their class and the first on the field in the front lines of battle. Kindar Singh meanwhile (Kumail Nanjiani) opens a box that breaks a switch-blade knife (originally sent to Franklin and Bash themselves) and Damien Karp (Reed Diamond) gets wrapped up in walking a delicate tightrope with a summer associate named Elisa Farrell (Tiffany Dupont).

Look, I get that Franklin & Bash is a quick easy hour to kill, but with episodes like this, it reminds me that there might be a few more tricks up the sleeves of the show.  Actually, the last two episodes together have shown that.  Don’t get me wrong, I watch the show because the actors are comical and good, with the charge led by MP and Breckin, and the rest of cast follows suit.  I never usually follow Franklin & Bash for it’s amazing cases that the show tackles. In my original review and first thoughts on the series, I echoed this same exact thing.  But the past two episodes for completely different reasons have cemented the idea that Franklin & Bash might want to try to be something more.

While luckily my chief complaint in my review of the last half of the first season was addressed as Peter and Jared are always working cases together and not trying them apart anymore, the set-up of making the legal system itself interesting was in itself, fascinating.  Last week’s episode ended abruptly and while it was given that Peter and Jared would win by episode’s end, to see it end would have been the better victory for viewers. Instead, after a great and entertaining look at the game of minds that goes on in jury selection, to see the verdict play out, once the opposing counsel made the wrong judgement like they planned, the show just ended. That was it. We didn’t see if they got off, or what.

Now, they could bring the case back up in a few more episodes, or maybe not. And the switch-blade that was introduced into tonight’s episode might come into play further down the line too as no one really knows where it goes or who it came from.  The idea that they might be settling something up further down the line is enticing for a show like Franklin & Bash

Another enjoyable thing to mention is what feels like an episode to really let Reed Diamond shine.  I also posted in my original review that his character of Karp seems to give dirty looks or just scream ‘I’ll get you Beta House!’ like the guys on Animal House but instead, saying Franklin and Bash’s name.  And that’s fine and dandy, our leads need in-house antagonists to create friction but to see Karp a bit more than the one-dimensional character was refreshing.  I’d say season two as a whole has been about really opening Karp up and giving him a chance for Diamond to cut lose, and as someone who enjoys him in the role of antagonist but something more is even more exciting.


Overall Franklin & Bash seems like it is a summer show, quick, breezy, hilarious and entertaining but wanting to be something more than just another summer show and I applaud that. Matter of factly I hope it not only is trying but eventually succeeds.

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