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Suits finds a "Break Point"

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Written by : published Saturday 21st July 2012

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“Et tu, Donna?”

That is what Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) might as well be saying to Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) his now former secretary. In what was a fantastic hour of television, Suits ended the episode “Break Point” with big shot Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) not only mincing words with co-partner Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) but by firing Donna herself.

And Donna had her chances. That was what make this episode so fantastically great but brutal was that Donna ended up making things worse for herself in the long run despite her attempts to save Harvey some face.  We all get it that Donna, whatever her past with Harvey might be, cares for him on such a great level that her motives make sense.  Sadly though, even Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) was smart enough to know that if you don’t come clean about this and play it smart, Harvey will try to save you but he might not be able to.

And that is exactly what happened. While we could wax on about the real sense of sadness that we felt for Donna but also for Harvey (who is slowly watching the world around him crumble), the thing about that though is the television fan in me sees this not as the end of Donna’s tenure.  For as much as I give Suits credit for starting out of the gate with a real bang with a near perfect second season thus far, it begs the question, how will Donna remain part of the show?  USA Network shows, or let alone, almost 99% of any show attempt tactics like this but none stick.

So while Donna may be out for the count now, how long until she comes back as Harvey’s secretary?

Honestly that was the only ‘beef’ I had with the show the entire time I was watching “Break Point”. While I was upset with character choices, they were true to form for those characters, such as Pearson reaming Hardman in the final moments instead of cutting Specter loose.  While I can appreciate Jessica choosing loyalty and trusting in Harvey, at the same time, Daniel’s intent has not been cruel or malicious as Pearson is making it out to be. Not really.

I guess if the show wants me to hate Daniel Hardman, they are collectively doing a bad job of this besides trying to side with Harvey and Jessica’s Spidey Senses.  And as a Spider-man fan, I get it, as spidey-senses are NEVER wrong, but Costabile is playing the role and the writing is showcasing that Hardman is truly trying to do the right thing for the firm. Or at least that is what I take away from it. There are many more episodes I’m sure that are in the can that might showcase Hardman’s true intent, but as of now, that was a big mistake in my honest opinion. And it doesn’t see to end there as the trailers for the upcoming episode seems to allow Harvey to dip further into new lows.

Upon further reflection, and perhaps there was a gap in my watching the show but the resolution of the agent storyline, the case that Mike personally took to court felt wrapped too quickly and neatly. While it felt like Mike not only shut down the case for the betterment of his client, at the same time he ‘ruined’ the agent, which is one of Harvey’s good friends and close allies. The idea that it wasn’t referenced in the episode either meant it was on the cutting room floor, will be referenced later or hopefully not, but sidestepped all together.

Then again, maybe that is okay, as the real drama is with what is happening with Harvey and this case against him.


Yes, the blood is in the water and the sharks are starting to get hungry and it makes me wonder where else season two for Suits could go. While I figured it would end with a witch hunt of Hardman going after Mike, unless the witch hunt really IS being run in the shadows by Hardman, the idea that Harvey’s past is catching up with him, perhaps another reason why he gave a second chance to Mike, is truly fascinating and keeps me as a viewer on my toes and uncertain 100% how things might pan out with some things. While I know that Suits will have everything wrap itself in a neat little bow (this is a USA Network show, right?) the journey is what makes it fun, not the destination.

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