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This review is not Written By a Kid

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd July 2012

Television is in the throes of a revolution. Many young consumers watch their shows online. And with a number of studios, as well as countless individuals, releasing programming online, the line between what is and is not television is blurred. I say this because this review is actually of a web series, which I believe can now be clumped into the same category as traditional television.

One of the best internet channels, a new invention by YouTube to get viewers regularly visiting, is Geek & Sundry, run by Felicia Day (The Guild, Eureka), which launched a new show this week called Written By a Kid. In the first episode, we meet a kid named Brett who tells a story to two men, the creators of the series, Will Bowles (The Underground) and Josh Flaum (also The Underground). This story is acted out by live people who inhabit a crudely animated world.

The tale told is a simple one. Called "Scary Smash," a monster kills a milkman (Dave Foley, The Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio). To save the town, the S.Q.U.A.T. team is called in. Led by a fun-loving commander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator Joss Whedon), the force suffers numerous casualties until they finally subdue the threat.

Now, the story isn't completely driven by Brett. Those who have listened to children tell a story know that they can ramble, get distracted, or peter out. The back and forth format allows for seamless editing, so that it's not immediately obvious what questions the hosts are asking the kid. But for a child to remember which weapons he armed his hero with, and remember to use them all throughout a seven day battle, seems a little far fetched.

But even if the plot is a little guided, it is still enjoyable. This is partially due to the fantastic visuals, with scenery that looks like its been drawn by crayon, and partially a credit to the amazing cast put together to act out the words. This includes, besides Foley and Whedon, Felicia Day, Kate Micucci (Scrubs, Raising Hope), Rhett McLaughlin, and Charles "Link" Neal (Rhett & Link). There are probably other notables, but no complete credits are given.

The fact that famous, or infamous, people would agree to do Written By a Kid and not even get their name on screen is a testament to Day's network, as well as this incredibly creative, wonderfully made series. When something this fun is going on, of course people want to be involved! There is no telling what famous faces might pop up in future episodes.

Not to mention, Written By a Kid is genuinely funny. Whether it stems from the animators getting ahead of the narrator, having to change the color and look of the monster, or the cheesy performances by Foley and Whedon, it works. The adults behind this project are smart enough to know when to let the kid by unintentionally funny, and when he might need a little help by taking things more literally then they probably should were they interacting with him outside of the entertainment industry. Fantastic.

Written By a Kid is a must-see show, even if it might be hidden away slightly on the internet, and another fitting addition to the Geek & Sundry lineup. But that's why I link the title, so you can find it. New episodes will go up on Mondays, so make sure that you check them out!

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