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Community s02e17: Intro to Political Science

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Written by : published Tuesday 8th March 2011

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Reminder: The one where everyone runs for Student Body President.


The Vice President is going all over the country, visiting Community Colleges, and Greendale has been picked as the one for their area--but there's no Student Body President to greet him, so they have seven hours to elect one. Annie decides to run immediately, which gets on Jeff's nerves, and he runs to, just to prove that politics is a joke. She really wants to get something done, but he's just spouting mumbo-jumbo, and it's working better. Also running are Starburns, Magnitude, the old guy who blows raspberries, a girl in a yellow shirt, and Pierce, who only wants to crush her as revenge for not loaning him a pencil. Things heat up until Annie brings out Jeff's audition video for The Real World from ages ago and embarasses him so badly that he runs away to hide. It seems his new vulnerability is sticking around since last ep. All of this with really great commentary for the college TV station by Troy and Abed.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has been checking out the school, and Abed draws the attention of Agent Vohler, who is basically him with pretty blonde hair and a government job. She's sad that he's not a suspect and she has to leave, so he makes himself a suspect so she can come back.


Hey, look! An episode that's not particularly dark! Pierce is still a horrible person, though he's slightly less so now that he's off drugs, and Jeff still makes it his mission in life to crush everyone to his own level of jadedness, but overall, it was really very sweet. The semi-romance between Abed and Agent Vohler, was adorably emotionless, and Troy's reaction to the news that Abed does stuff without him was touching-- all the more because it was only in that one little reaction shot, and never dwelled upon. The whole thing with Annie and Jeff was deliciously snarky, and it was surprising to see Jeff take it so hard. Their let's-be-friends makeup scene was just short of being sappy (stopping at exactly the point where it's just short is something this show does really well). 

There was a moment where I was concerned about Magnitude already being reduced to nothing but a soundbite, but then there was the great debate between his 'pop-pop's and the raspberries, and it all became clear: that was the point all along. Ha! Brilliant. Episodes like this, where all the constellation of weird characters can come around and just be weird are great. And they backed off on over-using Chang, which is also great.

Bottom Line: Sweet, charming, and there's that awesome video of Jeff singing "Faith" about himself.

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