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USA Network Goes to the 'Political Animals'

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Written by : published Monday 16th July 2012

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**WARNING: This article may/does contain spoilers.**

What a night!!!! USA Network has their company tag line being “characters welcomed.” This tag line is definitely true for this show. This is the best part of the whole review: actually talking about my new Sunday night TV must-watch!

I will start with the casting being summed up in one word: perfect. Sigourney Weaver (Elaine Hammond) is one of the strongest leading ladies I have seen on TV. Weaver makes the show step up its game and it shows throughout the entire pilot. Another great thing about the casting was Carla Gugino (Susan Berg). I had never heard of Gugino, but she is such a strong actress and I enjoyed watching her performance. The men of the series are great as well. I was familiar with Sebastian Stan (TJ Hammond) due to his recurring role as Jefferson aka the Mad Hatter on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and it was great to see him on this series portraying, in my opinion, one of the strongest male characters of the series. I was not very familiar with Ciaran Hinds (Bud Hammond) and James Wolk (Doug Hammond), but both were great casting choices. For me, Hinds is definitely a great leading male for this series.

Another thing I liked about the pilot was the scenes between Weaver and Gugino. For me, these two women are the show because of how strong their characters are and the high quality of their performance together. I look forward to seeing more scenes between these two women as the show wears on over the next few weeks.

A final strong point of the show was how fast the episode went by. There was such an edge to the storyline which left you at the edge of your seat wanting to know what will happen next within the story.

There were two things I did not like about the pilot. One of my biggest things I did not like was the language. There was so much foul language it became a turn off for me very quickly. The other thing I did not like about the pilot was the amount of sexual intercourse within it.

This show is just an amazing show which everyone can relate to. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the political world. While I was not a fan of the foul language and the amount of the sexual intercourse, I still liked this strong pilot. For me, I have not enjoyed a strong pilot like this since I saw the pilot for ABC’s Once Upon a Time when it first aired in October 2011. I hope USA Network will continue with this show or come up with another character driven TV mini-series which will capture the audience’s attention the way this show has.

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