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Necessary Roughness contends with 'Mr. Irrelevant'

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Written by : published Sunday 15th July 2012

Necessary Roughness contends with 'Mr. Irrelevant' main image

If there is any show on television right now that doesn’t really deserve to be in my good graces, by all accounts it is USA Network’s Necessary Roughness starring Callie Thorne as the tough as nails spunky therapist to the athletes and stars Dr. Dani Santino aka “Dr. D”. The show still has the same problem that eats at me and gnaws at the very core of my being as a viewer but then again… perhaps Necessary Roughness, for me at least, is not a show that should be watched week after week. Perhaps it should instead be consumed in large doses.

Case in point: in my previous review for the episode “To Swerve and Protect” I clearly outline my beefs with the show. And it didn’t change, so I became a few episodes behind. It doesn’t happen often to me as a reviewer, honestly, as I tend to stay up on all shows even if a review is not available (sometimes there just isn’t anything to say about how awesome Game of Thrones is week after week after week) but every once and a while, a show like this that is somewhat entertaining but has a few things that eat at you make it DVR-worthy for a good reason. Especially when other television shows or movies grab your attention.

So a few episodes up until the most recent episode of Necessary Roughness titled “Mr. Irrelevant” sat, collecting dust on my DVR. And with one day not having anything to do, I began to ‘catch up’ on the show, thinking that if it couldn’t hold my interest it would be the victim of again being taken off my series DVR list.

But that didn’t happen.

Necessary Roughness

Despite the same gripe I have that “therapy isn’t something that is solved in a week or two or a few visits” as the show seems to suggest at the hands of Dr. D, the show has been focusing heavily on the battle of control taking place for the football team that T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) plays for, the Hawks. And with more time and focus spent primarily on the drama unfolding on the football field or the football stadium, Necessary Roughness has actually turned a corner. Are there still case of the weeks that are quickly solved? Yes, but less time is focused on them. The past three episodes have featured less than ten minutes, not even that, really, on the whatever case of the week it might be, whether it be a magican or a baseball player who is having problems with a slumpbuster.  The drama and focus has been on TK, Dr. D, Matthew Donnally (Marc Blucas) and Dani’s family. To say that is refreshing is beyond a relief.

The drama that has resulted due to the fight for control of the Hawks from the Pittmans has allowed Matt to become assistant GM but it also puts into conflict Matt’s role as trainer for the team with Coach Purnell (Gregory Alan Williams) and the way the coach is running and choosing players for the draft. It has also led to the show embracing Dani and Matt’s relationship which is pleasant after a full season of almost trying to sabotage the audience’s love of Blucas and Thorne’s chemistry as leads, and also gives real prominence to T.K. as a real patient undergoing therapy.

Even the idea that the show hints heavily that T.K. is taking his meds, while we don’t see signs that he is struggling with addiction, we know it may become an issue down the line. T.K. continiously fights with who he was from the neighborhood and who he has become. That especially comes to a head in the episode “Mr. Irrelevant” as he hires someone to pump his image up on tiwtter. This individual will ‘tweet’ as him. Things go right until he gets into a tweeting war with T.O. (Terrence Owens, the same player that caused aniexty attacks for T.K. during Season one). The resolution of this fracas was beyond hilarious but also showing progress of T.O. and T.K. as characters. For as little as we have really seen as Owens, he truly respects King as a player and opponent. Whiel he may want to crush him on the field, never would he want King to be shot or harmed. The food fight that leads up to these touching albeit hilarious realizations was a nice touch. 

For anyone who like myself, grew weary of Necessary Roughness and stopped watching, I implore you to try to give the show another go. But perhaps you need to consume it a different way. Or better yet, the real question is, is it a situation of the show being consumed, multiple episodes, in one sitting that made Necessary Roughness so engaging while in smaller doses it is otherwise frustrating?

It’s hard to say. As such I am going to perform a bit of an experiment, dear readers: I am going to queue up a few more episodes leading up to the finale and consume them in one foul swoop and see how that paints my further thoughts on the show. As of now, my thoughts on the show have completely changed than what they were before. While I may have given a modest approval of the show, the way therapy is sometimes treated really bugged me.  So we will see how this continues to play out.

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