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Burn Notice is no longer 'Under The Gun'

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Written by : published Monday 16th July 2012

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Things got hectic in the swamps in Florida this past Thursday in Burn Notice as Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Jesse (Coby Bell) go to the Everglades to save Sam (Bruce Campbell) who is kidnapped by one of Anson’s stooges Rebecca Lang. Meanwhile Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) makes a new ally inside prison when two prisoners go after her as the hit on her life increases in the episode titled “Under the Gun”.

Burn Notice has been having a rough patch in its new season.  While the show has been trying to go for an overall story-arc and moving away from the typical case of the week shows, it largely hasn’t been hitting the target as it has before.

Burn Notice Under The GunThe return of Rebecca Lang was a nice touch, but while it is expected, the show felt like Burn Notice 2.0, which is what I think Nix and company, were really going for. The first few episodes of this season felt like Burn Notice EXTREME which wasn’t what I think they were going for.  One thing is for sure: an EXTREME-like angry and raging Michael Westen is an over-the-top-and-unnecessary Michael Westen. As much as that and the previous paragraph might be criticism that is damning for some shows, Burn Notice is a quick study as it is really starting to shape up. “Under the Gun” is proof of that.

And also when is it bad for a show to experiment and try something new? I applaud Matt Nix, the cast and crew for really going for broke.  Considering the confines of the show, the fact that they are pushing the envelope for a concept that is less deserving of that, well, it is worthy of aplomb even if the first few episodes out of the gate were mostly miss than hit for me.   This episode really cements it finding that uneasy balance that makes Burn Notice what it is but also what it now wants to be.

Something interesting though is that if Anson is one step ahead of Michael, using Rebecca against Michael like he did seems a bit too on the nose.  Having her infiltrate their merry little group might be the real game here, as by episode’s end, Sam finds that Lang’s brother is captive by Anson and hence why she is working for him.  With Westen proclaiming he will do anything and everything to help her save or find her brother, it just leads me to go towards the concept that Michael being the nice guy, isn’t this what Anson would do?

That is what I would do if I was him.  I mean, Anson seems really up against the wall so fighting with everything he can to rebuild what he lost seems to showcase the importance of keeping Westen at bay until he gets back to his former glory so he can reign in Michael and make him kneel before Anson or kill him all together.

But then again, what if Anson isn’t that clever?

Doubt it, but or the twist would be Rebecca falls for Michael and Sam and the gang like Michael did for Jessie upon using him to further the cause of ‘who burned Michael’ from a few seasons back. 

The storyline and subplots with Fiona are also quite interesting despite being their own little thing, and this week having to work with Ayn who is the ‘facilitator of fine goods in the cell block’ so she can save herself.  Apparently everyone is after Fiona, and in a way that involves her in a body bag. Ayn has pointed that almost everyone in some capacity is bought, but how trusting can we be of her after a few episodes back Fiona was too trusting and was almost killed during kitchen detail? Luckily for us it also gives Sharon Gless something to do as Madeline Westen and showcased a finer bit of anger acting from Donovan who the past few weeks been apparently given the direction that super extreme anger is good acting (when it isn’t). The scene in particular is the scene in the kitchen involving Ayn’s ex-husband and Michael strong arming the thug who in an act of anger breaks the guy’s arm for hurting his mother Madeline.

Overall Burn Notice really seemed to find it’s balance and hopefully will continue to build on the nice foundation it built for itself this week.

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