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30 Rock s05e16: TGS Hates Women

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Written by : published Tuesday 8th March 2011

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Reminder: The one where Liz remembers she's a feminist.


An influential feminist blog publishes an article that says TGS hates women (which is proven by a quick montage of lots of strong women failing because they get their periods). Liz decides to prove them wrong by hiring the comic they mentioned as strong and empowered, a woman named Abbie-- but when she shows up, she's a horrible stereotype of girlishness: short skirt, pigtails, all in pink, big boobs, cutesy sexy baby voice... Needless to say, Liz is horrified and makes it her mission to prove that this isn't really who Abbie is. Which she succeeds at, and since nothing can go right for Liz, it ruins her cover and exposes Abbie to the crazy ex she went into Witness Relocation to get rid of. 

Meanwhile, the boys all decide that since Abbie doesn't know who they are, they'll take the chance to start new personalities. Token spraypainting the word "graffito" instead of actual graffiti of any kind is priceless. 

Also meanwhile, Jack tries to secure himself a place in the line of succession for the network, which means taking on a cute little fourteen-year-old girl. At first, it seems she really only wants to be a marine biologist, but it soon becomes obvious that she's playing Jack the way he's playing her, and now he has a teeniebopper new arch nemesis.


The main storyline with Liz was not as funny as they thought it was. Mostly, it was shrill and annoying in equal parts, but because of it, we got the scene with Token and we learned that when Kenneth first started at the network, "an eight year old Shirley Temple taught [him] how to roll a ciggarette", and any weird new fact about Kenneth is a good scene. The real gold in this episode was Jack and the girl, which went through cute to sharply strange, and that's where the character of Jack does best. The scene with the showdown in front of her school was brilliant, and it will be so awesome if she becomes a recurring character.

Bottom Line: Watch it for Jack, not Liz this week.

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