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Perception Shows Potential

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Written by : published Tuesday 10th July 2012

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**WARNING:This article is the personal opinion of the author. This article may also contain spoilers.**


As a reviewer, we make decisions after watching an episode or a movie the first time around. This is usually an easy thing to do since we can decide on the spot whether or not we like the show or movie we are reviewing. For me, I cannot make a decision about this series, but I can give you what I thought the good was and the bad of the pilot episode of Perception was.

Some of the good within the show include the strong leads within the series. Eric McCormack was great on Will & Grace and he was able to bring charm, some/little humor to his new character on this show. I had never heard of Rachael Leigh Cook until tonight, but, in my opinion, Cook makes a wonderful leading lady in this series. Both were strong leads now, but I am looking forward to seeing how much stronger they can become as the series wears on.

 One of my favorite points of the whole pilot was watching McCormack’s character, Dr. Daniel Pierce, listen to various pieces of classical music while conducting an imaginary orchestra to the piece being played. For me, I think the main reason I enjoyed this was because of the emotion he put behind it. It made me feel like I was watching an actual orchestra maestro conduct a symphony before my very eyes.

Another thing I enjoyed about the pilot was how it opened up. The pilot opened up with McCormack’s character asking a classroom full of students “What is reality?”. This question ties into the series perfectly because of the fact you never know if he is in his own reality or the here and now reality in front of him. While sometimes it is obvious which reality he is in, other times viewers can see the two realities merge into one. 

Now onto the only bad point of the pilot episode. I liked the pilot episode, but there was just so much which bothered me about it. This is the hardest part of this job, so let’s begin.

One of the main things the pilot did, which is an old TV trick, was make the viewers ask more questions than it answered. While I am not saying this is a bad thing, I think it can sometimes become an overused aspect of the show. Pilots are suppose to make the viewers ask questions, but after the viewers ask so many questions it can become old and tedious and a turn off.

Perception is an interesting series with great potential. My only question which remains is can this series potential replace The Closer, which it currently follows after it ends in five weeks after tonight. My answer for this question is only time will tell.

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Elise Diane is a senior Journalism major with a minor in theatre arts. She is about to start serving in her first editorial position at her university paper as the assistant news editor. Elise is a HUGE Wilfred, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Hawaii Five-0, CSI (Las Veges), The Mentalist, Smash, Once Upon a Time and Royal Pains fan. Elise enjoys a good story and a good TV show.  She also likes to watch new TV shows. Whenever she is not watching TV, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

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