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It’s the 'Dawn of the Med' on Royal Pains

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Written by : published Friday 29th June 2012

It’s the 'Dawn of the Med' on Royal Pains main image

Well lookie here: the zombies are coming to the Hamptons. But more on that in a second. Thanks to Divya (Reshma Shetty), Eddie R. Lawson (Henry Winkler) returns for realsies this time in the latest Royal Pains episode titled “Dawn of the Med”. Eddie’s goal: to bring Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan (Paulo Costanzo) Lawson back together. As Divya and Paige (Brooke D'Orsay) hope that Eddie’s return to the Hamptons brings prosperity back to HankMed, Divya attempts again to reconnect with her mother. On the surface things seemed to go ‘too easy’ for Hank and Evan, as by episode’s end, HankMed thanks to Eddie’s efforts or actual lack thereof, has Hank and Evan reuniting, but with a catch. So what’s the catch?

While Evan and Hank do make amends and decide to work together helping patients, with Hank finally admitting that he owes everything to Evan, they need to work out a lot of the details for Evan accepting Hank back and Hank coming back to HankMed.  With a title like “Dawn of the Med” they do play up on the title of the classic Romero film Dawn of the Dead as a there is a charity 5k being held where people are chased by people in zombie make-up.  Naturally there is a patient there that is needing treatment who is a zombie but add in a scientist who *might* have created monster hybrid animals back in the 1960’s and 1970’s and you have a nice send-up of shlocky-B-movie in some parts.

In other plot threads, Divya and her mother was interesting to say the least with Divya’s mother going behind her husband’s back to see Divya. This is more than pleasant for Divya as she missed her mother when it leads to the episode’s end of her mother leaving her father and staying with Divya, it wasn’t exactly what Divya or us had in mind by having her mother ‘rebel’ against her father. And then there is Boris, who is dealing with something possibly shady. Then again, Boris always does seem to do shady things, which are revealed to be not as shady down the road, which makes fascinating tales of intrigue and mystery for a show about a doctor in the Hamptons but it will be interesting to see how the plot line for Boris expands into the normal run of the series with Scott now a series regular. While Boris would occasionally pop up here and there with a plot thread that’d wrap up after a few episodes, as a leading character in the cast it begs to be seen. And D’Orsay’s role as Evan’s fiancé Paige is an interesting one too, as the chemistry between Costanzo and D’Orsay is so great that it is a treat they are keeping her around longer but to see how her story plays out as well will be very interesting.

The real nice surprise besides Henry Winkler who is always a real treat on Royal Pains is the official inclusion of Brooke D’Orsay and Campbell Scott as Paige and Boris respectively. Royal Pains fell into the weird place of the opening titles that feel a bit off because they are different with new cast members or losing old ones, and while I’m sure I’ll get used to it in the next few weeks, it was still a bit urksome.

With Divya’s mom staying over, Hank and Evan on un-easy terms with details needing to be worked out for the future of HankMed and Boris’ men almost killing an intruder, Royal Pains has a lot of balls up in the air. It will be interesting to see how all of them land.

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