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Royal Pains has 'A Guesthouse Divided'

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Written by : published Friday 22nd June 2012

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Eddie Lawson aka Henry Winkler returns in Wednesday night’s latest episode of USA Network’s Royal Pains titled “A Guesthouse Divided”.  The heat is on as Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Hank (Mark Feuerstein) begin actively compete for clients as Jill (Jill Flint) is given a farewell party, and Divya (Reshma Shetty) tries her best to reunite Evan and Hank into HankMed while she begins working for both brothers as signs of a illnesses may be related.


Well, let’s be honest about Winkler’s return: it is quick and doesn’t appear until the very end of the episode.  The bulk of the episode deals with Evan and Hank coming to blows about something much more than just a simple patient. In my previous review, I lamented how It felt too easy that Hank and Evan weren’t blowing up further or if they did come to blows it was used for comedic effect but in “A Guesthouse Divided” the sparks flew as Evan and Hank really went at it. 


It also marked the hopeful goodbye and farewell to Jill Casey who has been ‘going away’ for what seems like two seasons. Let me be clear, Jill and Hank have a wonderful dynamic, and I like Jill on the show. I hope she doesn’t leave the show permanently. But to me, USA Network’s first two shows that took real chances at being different than the rest were In Plain Sight and Royal Pains. While In Plain Sight choked eventually due to being mucked with by USA Network execs, Royal Pains had the exact perfect balance of what a case of the week show needed but also added on-going storytelling and arcs to it. It was light and breezy and ‘just what the doctor needed’ as the pun goes.


Despite my laments, I also figured that Royal Pains hasn’t let me down before, and if they seemed to, the show always quickly made amends by doing a slow build.  The problem is Royal Pains has the bright and bubbly nature of other USA Network shows so you tend to forget that Royal Pains sometimes does a slow build. 


One of the very big problems between Hank and Evan has always been Hank treating Evan a bit like a screw up. While we can see justification on that via a very personal level, Evan is a sharp businessman. For as much credit Hank doesn’t give Evan credit, Evan also doesn’t give Hank credit for trying to be a reasonable guy and a wonderful doctor. While Evan does really know the last part, he is just too proud to admit it.


Paige Collins (Brooke D'Orsay) also thankfully returns from her trip but not on her own volition. Or at least, we think so. With Evan going to war with Hank for a client, Evan is so much not himself that Paige begins to cheer Divya on when she tries to have both brothers compete and drive them to the breaking point. But instead of driving them together she drives them further apart. With nothing else to do, she finally calls in Winkler’s Eddie R. Lawson, the brother’s father to come in. 


It was a great episode of Royal Pains but there was a bit of a problem, and a glaring one. At least, I think so at least. You can correct me if I am wrong but Jill pulls a Good Will Hunting on Hank, saying she will let him take her to the airport but then isn’t there when Hank goes to pick her up.  At first there is no note but a friend of Jill who is one of the cases of the week for Hank brings in a letter for Hank, which does the standard ‘here’s why I left’ as it is cut over scenes of her in Africa or wherever she is at. (I thought she was going to South America not South Africa. Perhaps I overlooked this. The new gig she got was different than she expected so… I could be wrong here.) She then goes on to say how great it is here, and how you should see this and that.  How can she know that? She isn’t there yet.  The letter was written to be given to Hank BEFORE she left, then… just a small plot hole there.  Now, I will go on to say that the fake out of her saying “Wait for me” as Hank pauses, turns the page to hear the sentence continue was pretty darn clever, but that little bit about ‘you should see this place’ really urked me and took me out of the moment.


Overall Royal Pains really hits all the right beats, and continues to be dramatic despite being light and breezy. And if next week is any indication, Henry Winkler will be back for the full episode!

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