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Necessary Roughness tires "To Swerve and Protect"

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Written by : published Thursday 14th June 2012

Necessary Roughness tires "To Swerve and Protect" main image

Dr. Dani (Callie Thorne) has a lot on her plate with USA Network’s Wednesday night episode of Necessary Roughness titled “To Swerve and Protect”.  When a star of the roller derby rink collapses, there is only one person to call: Dr. Santino! As Dani tries to help the roller derby star, her son Ray Jay (Patrick Johnson) has a fight with new girlfriend while T.K. (Mehcad Brooks)is faced with a difficult choice to make. So how does the second episode of the second season of Necessary Roughness fare?

For those who read my reviews on examiner, may know that my thoughts on this show are simple but problematic. And perhaps it is due to being spoiled by the HBO series In Treatment, but Necessary Roughness seemed to be another cookie-cutter case of the week show. This isn’t much of a problem as these type of shows are shows that the USA Network do so well, but eventually that formula no matter how successful, will begin to fail if the show premise feels like it can offer more than it does. And with Necessary Roughness, that was exactly the problem. 

Why not feature two to three sets of guest stars that last a full season? Therapy doesn’t work that fast, using quick fixes. Knowing someone in therapy myself, therapy isn’t a quick fix kind of deal. Not for a lot of people. Cops and cases of the week, there are so many crimes that get immediately solved my realm of disbelief has more of a gauge in this regard but when it comes to therapy, not so much.  It was one of the many reasons I greatly appreciated Royal Pains, it featured a lot of clients/patients who came back with multiple ailments like normal patients are known/tend to do.  Besides T.K. who has come back to see Dr. Dani? And that’s a real problem to me.

Again, perhaps I can’t suspend disbelief enough that Dr. Dani is just that good.  And that’s fine, but that isn’t a show I want to watch. When it comes to T.K. and other aspects of her life, as a viewer and critic, I am sold. This show works on many levels.  But when it comes to introducing new cases of the week, well it just becomes a bit laughable that Dr. Dani easily disposes of the patients’ problems after a few sessions. That isn’t exactly how it works. Now if they layered it with some truth that even athletes’’ insurance only covers so many visits or something like that, then that makes more sense. Or maybe the real doctor this show is based on had similar findings that she easily solved a few problems for her athlete patients and that was it.

And tonight’s case of the week with the roller derby girl ended just too easily. Thankfully the derby portion of the show was barely featured, as the episode was really about that loss and further decline of Terence King in the Hawks. But alas, the weakest part of the show is really the case of the week therapy cases and while a single episode condenses multiple sessions, I tried to pay attention to how much time passed and in this episode it seemed they had a week to get the derby girl back on her feet. Using T.K. as a guide, TK had to be in top shape by Friday, that is in three to four days. While the derby girl needs to get back on the rink by next week for the big game, it felt WAY to easy to put all these pieces together after four sessions in what is like two to three days, not even that. Maybe I missed something in the general timeline of everything but it felt way too cheap and easy.

This isn’t discounting Dani’s methods either. They are all well and good but for the sake of time feel condensed. Why not have the derby girl be pulled or stretched out over two to three episodes? What truly is the harm in that?

Ultimately we might never know, as beyond that, Necessary Roughness is actually a pretty good show. The strife and turmoil at the Hawks is more than interesting

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