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Royal Pains deals with an "Imperfect Storm"

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Written by : published Thursday 14th June 2012

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For audience members there is nothing like a pleasant Wednesday nights in the Hampton’s on USA Network’s Royal Pains. The characters might not necessarily agree with that statement as in the latest episode “Imperfect Storm” with Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan Lawson (Paulo Costanzo) still at odds with each other, pitting Hank’s new medical practice against a Evan-run HankMed, it is anything but pleasant. As Evan tries to secure a new client, Jill Casey (Jill Flint) needs Hank to treat her newphew while Divya (Reshma Shetty) must make a difficult decision. And how does the new guy, Dr. Jeremiah Sacani (Ben Shankman) do over at HankMed?

Picking up immediately after “After the Fireworks”, which was the season premiere last week, “Imperfect Storm” features the brothers Lawson trying to work out the kinks in their relationship as brothers but also the ‘friendly divorce’ of HankMed.  While Evan understands the loss of Hank as a good physician due to smarts but also bedside manor, Hank doesn’t really get a sense of what Evan did for HankMed until this episode. 

With Hank taking personal clients and Evan handling businesses, when Hank is called and asked about a retainer, Hank has no documentation, is not prepared, and has no idea what to say or what exactly the retainer offered. Even more shocking is that Hank has no idea how to run a business and with funds being tight as they are, Hank can’t hire Divya.

Ah, Divya. Divya’s big decision is to whether or not to work for HankMed with Evan or with Hank’s new endeavor. She chooses both of them, as she learned the hard way in the opening moments of “Imperfect Storm” that her mother rather lose her daughter than stand up in what she feels is right.  It was quite tragic but right now family is all Divya finds important and Evan and Hank are family to her.  So to see her, like us, struggle, is quite endearing. We all know Hank and Evan work better together, but it is just a matter of Hank giving credit where credit is due.

As a reviewer, I can’t help still to be on Evan’s side on these matters. Again, Evan is the heart and soul of the series, the whole reason the series really happened in the first place. So it saddens me but also gives me great relief to see Evan slowly working things out on his end while Hank falters.

The real problem is this episode though is that it feels that the drama between Hank and Evan feels light and fluffy, like they are afraid to touch on the real dramatic issues. While Hank and Evan’s relationship in the series run has been tested before with some comical relief thrown in, here it feels a bit more leaning on the comical. While I get that Hank is being light and casual due to almost losing his brother in an explosion of fireworks but I hope to see the tension that was treated lightly here with a bit more gravitas as while Evan and Hank can be humorous when as needed, the scenes with each brother by themselves with Divya was real, tense but light, and kept it moving.

I also was a bit disappointed with the treatment of Dr. Jeremiah Sacani, but then again, I am more lax knowing that his role on the show was expanded a bit with a few more episodes thrown into his role on the show.  To really see the humor but also the tension of Evan making Dr. Sacani who as even Hank took note of being a brilliant and fantastic doctor, still has a lot to learn on the personal side of things. While the end game is most likely Hank will be the one to really train him, it is Evan who has to burden the responsibility.

For those waiting for the Jill shoe to drop, it finally did. In “Imperfect Storm” Jill’s job was given to someone else while she tied up loose ends here in the states. While we knew this was all going to happen as Jill is a lead character in the show, it felt too easy to set up the final piece in the Hank part of the puzzle which is Jill ran the hospital, cooking the books and handling administration-like duties which included Evan’s job but also being a doctor.  While this ends up being helpful for Hank, it felt way too convenient. Why not a few calls from someone warning her to get there soon? Instead it feels too sudden for her to get her job passed over. She sold her house, they were aware of her doing all this.

I know it seems like I am poo-pooing all over “Imperfect Storm” but Royal Pains is a good show with strong writing and these were just stray thoughts on the episode, as I’m sure the writers thought these same things and will see them play out further as the season progresses.

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