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NCIS LA -In Harms Way - Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 6th March 2011

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Opening shot is of a young boy running through the streets of an Arab country, and the man who gets out of the car gives a gun to Sam Hanna and demands he shoot the boy. It's Addaba, the man who killed Mo after the NCIS LA team broke him out of prison. Hetty had said the day would come when Sam would get the closure he needed.

Sam is caught trying to spy on Deaks after his shooting for not following protocol and varying his routine. Kenzi calls Deaks on her phone and it rings in Hanna's bag. But Hanna is really still responsible for Mo's death. Hetty says the contact has been made, the man is in Sunaa in Addaba and he wants the Muslim version of Sam Hanna to report for his future with the religious left. Hanna emails back he's ready. Abdul is the key to Sadat, his Al Quaida brethren.

A Saudi prince's 7 year old boy has been kidnapped in the Middle East. This is the message Addaba wants sent. Hetty thinks Addaba's brother is the keymaster. When they get their marching orders to Yemen from NCIS, Hetty contacts Director Vance (of NCIS) and says the contact they need in in the Middle East is needed. Hanna goes to the meet but the man in the motel room is dead.

A plane ticket in Hamal's name is ready. Callen gears up for an op in the Middle East, while Kenzi and Deaks are told to find is Hanna's cover has been blown. Sam is known as Hakeem to the Middle Eastern terrorist group.  Hetty cautions Sam to flee if he whiffs his cover has been blown. Hetty tells Callen that Ray Haines is a textile buyer shopping abroad. Hetty tells Callen that Hanna needs to be an operative not a lone ranger. And she makes her regular request for a souvenir.

Addaba meets Sam and conducts him to the boy they've kidnapped. Callen seens an old friend there, Hetty's asset in Yemen. This is the mission she sent Nate on episodes earlier. He says since Abdul thinks he is dead he has to hide all the time. Nate was the prison guard shot dead in the Los Angeles fake prison escape where Addaba was with Sam in jail. Meanwhile Hakeem is tested and assesses Abdul's test. Abdul moves Sam before Callen can track him. Callen steals a car on a  Yemen street and chases after them. He finds them at Abdul's camp and notifies Hetty. Sam is told by Abdul that his brother is with him wherever he is.

But Kenzi and Deaks find the motel night manager where the dead man stayed in Los Angeles. The man produced the fake papers for "Hakeem" (Sam Hanna). They see him leaving the motel with a bandage and he flees, the parking lot turns into a gunfight. His passport says he is Sadat, the brother supposedly running things in Yemen. Kenzi and Deaks realize if this is the brother of the terrorist in Yemen, and that Sam's new "brother" is doing the ransom, then Abdul is the key man in the organization. At the same time, Nell decodes his email and finds that Nate's identity has been blown.

Abdul coyly puts the boy ostage in Sam's charge. Callen is told to back down because the target is still Abdul Addaba, but he refuses to leave Yemen with the boy still kidnapped. Hetty realizes that with Nate's cover blown, then Sam is known to Abdul as an NCIS officer. She telephones to NCIS Director Leon Vance for authority to act. Abdul makes Sam for a cop, asking which agency he works for. Abdul says he knows the agency. Hetty states that an NCIS operative is much more valuable a hostage. Callen rushes in before Abdul puts Sam against a wall, before can make the coup de grace on the Saudi boy. In the shootout Callen tosses Hanna a weapon. Then they set up the black box.

Callen tells Eric that he needs authority from Hetty (emphasis) now. Hanna uses the laser kit to paint the target on the fleeing Abdul in a jeep. Callen relays the authority to target the missle onto Abdul and his jeep explodes. A airsrtike drone from above fired the missile. Callen, Nate and Hanna see a smiling sheikh in a Mercedes limo come to collect his son and nod thanks to the NCIS crew. But Callen knows Hanna hesitated to fire, because he wanted some accountability for Addaba, not just payback for Mo. For Hanna, the cost of the smiling boy reunited with his father was Mo's life.

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