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Desperate Housewives Episode 13 "I'm Still Here" Reviewed

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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Gaby loses herself in the doll, living on doll love in place of the love she can't give Grace. Gaby carries her "princess" with her in her purse. Carlos finds out that Mrs. McClusky senses Gaby is losing her marbles. Carlos discovers that the price for not allowing Gaby to mention Grace's name may be serious. Gaby sees a doll at Mrs. McCluskey's when getting the name of their favorite Chinese place.

Bree finds out Keith's ex-girlfriend has his son. She finds out Keith never knew anything about it. The ex-girlfriend discovered she was pregnant and wanted to give it up, but changed her mind. But when Bree probes how he would feel about being a father, she lies to Amber, implying Keith has been told. Bree snips her roses, saying that if you want something beautiful to grow you have to be ruthless.

Susan starts dialysis. Some of her dialysis partners don't buy into the Susan dynamic. Susan's denial of how serious her kidney problem is ends when she realizes she won't get comforted by her dialysis partners. The waiting game for a new kidney is life on hold. When the beeper goes off for one of the others, Susan experiences the cycle of hope and disappointment they have lived with.

Renee elbows aside another decorator to make sure Bob and Lee's new daughter has the bedroom decorated by her. They say she never seemed maternal to them, wich she denies. Renee confesses this is the room she designed in her mind for the daughter she always wanted. Bob and Lee bring the girl to "Aunt Renee" to talk about female stuff. Touched, Renee agrees. Renee has been putting up walls because of regrets.

Lynette meets the obnoxious racist jerk her mother is marrying. Lynette loathes him. She warns away her mother, who claims he's loaded and when he dies she'll get everything. Lynette swerves her mother away from the altar at the last minute. Her mother confesses that she is lonely and that Frank (Larry Hagman) is an acquired taste but good enough for her. Frank breaks in on their moment to hurry them up, because "this one of those ethnic neighborhoods" and he's worried about the car.

Paul Young, having learned his wife is the daughter of his worst enemy, doesn't let on to Beth and suggests a secluded trip for the both of them. Beth innocently buys into the whole thing. But before they leave the detectives bring over the weapon Beth found under the pillow at Bree's. Paul instantly recognises his son's gun. He cancels the trip, telling Beth "Trust me you dodged a bullet." Paul then looks hard at a picture of his son, knowing now who really shot him.

Carlos and Gaby get in the car to go to the Chinese place. Carlos sees the dll is strapped into a car seat in the back. He suggests a therapist and Gaby refuses, citing Carlos' spending money on his sports memorabilia to watch steroid athletes play sports in comparison. On the way they get lost. Carlos stops to check the GPS and a mugger pulls a gun on them. Carlos and Gaby get crajacked but Gaby struggles at gunpoint to pull the doll out of the car, calling it her baby. The infuriated mugger drives off as Carlos and Gaby confront the seriousness of her feelings.

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