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Sons of Anarchy season 4 riding higher than before

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Written by : published Friday 1st June 2012

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Even though it has been a while since the final episode of Sons series 4 aired in the UK, I have finally got around to completing my review. While had had written most of the review the week after, it has taken up until now for me to get it finished and uploaded.

The question for me was, how would Kurt Sutter follow last week's fantastic penultimate episode, it had it all and ending with Clay being shot by Opie could have been a prefect ending to the 4th series. Even if it would have left a multitude of threads open.

In the beginning of the episode we see the development sign for Charming heights saying “Coming Soon” so will the town be changing for good by next season? Surly a development of this scale has to be a bad thing for sons.

The only part of the season finale that felt a tad forced was the plot twist. I mean was it necessary? Well; probably as if the CIA's Richo sting had gone through the show would have faced huge changes with most of the Sons partners being locked up. There was an initial shock to see Romeo and Luiz, not only working for the CIA, but having badges. Although, surly this simply demonstrates how nothing is quite as it seems and fits nicely with Keep your friends close and enemies closer. After all how many times to we hear that a countries government has facilitated a fringe group in another country in order to overthrow its government. No matter how despicable some of the groups actions maybe.

Then again, how many times do we see that truth is stranger than fiction so I say keep the plot twists coming. Sometimes I feel like I can turn on the TV and know what the plot lines are going to be. If you want real plot twists turn on the news, even local news. You can't write some of that shit. I wonder if a magic 8 ball is ever used in some writing?

From what we have seen in this season and especially in the finale, from Lincoln Potter. Is he a vehicle to portray the show's creator's character in the show. I like the line from Porter “serves a purpose I don't really like people all that much” which gets “Really odd dude!” from one of the cops.

After Jax is confronted by the Cartel and realises that the club can't pull out of the deal will he ever be able to lead the club like JT and Piney would have wanted? One thing I believe for sure is that as we have seen Jax tell Tara he is certainly not JT or Clay. That's not to say they haven't left their make on Jax but seemingly treating Tara as his partner and not just his old lady sets him apart. How long will Jax take to tell all to the club especially Opie about the Cartel? By doing so will allow Jax to shape the club in his own image instead of just propping up Clays house of cards.

I enjoyed the touching seen where Jax re-connected with the club he was trying to leave. Visiting JT's grave to become married to the club once again, signified by the wearing of the rings.

With Richo abandoned and all charges against Juice dropped, we join Juice in his holding cell watching TV again. However this time not cartoons as we saw earlier this season, but The Shield. That's right, Kurt Sutter's previous show getting a plug on his current. Was that the only reason or was their a deeper meaning to this? Juice has been through a hell of a lot this season, has survived and seemingly come to terms with his family his past and accepted who he is. Has this been maturing of TV taste tracked Juices own maturation. While Juice destroys all the information about his father apart from a single photo, we see that Juice isn't ready to let go of his heritage all together. Will we see Juice taking a key role in the club next year?

When Juice is released we see a nice moment between him and Eli Roosevelt, a mutual respect for one another and the disdain for the way they had both been played. While Roosevelt seems steadfast in his position as law enforcement, could this be the beginning of Roosevelt and the Sons working together for the good of Charming?

Before he leaves for what I presume is for Good, Lincoln Porter has a small parting gift. Showing his distance for moral bankruptcy and putting a stop to the charming development. With a stunt which was seriously fucked up, you have to wonder which of the writers thought it up. They may need help.

With Jax's new position as president and the tricky position that he has now with the Cartel, it was obvious that Jax couldn't finish the job that Opie started. However Clay isn't aware of this and the scene where Jax presses his blade against Clay's neck until the blood begins to dance down his neck. As Clay comes to the realization that he has lost his grip on power. We are shown how much the club presidency means to Clay as when Jax removes his patches. That action alone seems to cause more pain than the knife drawing blood from his neck. Has Clay been emasculated or will he return for vengeance?

We also learn that in season 5 the clubs new nemesis will be in the form of Damon Pope. After Tig's rampage, he seems to have heaped a whole heap of trouble on the club with Pope looking to exact revenge for the death of daughter. How will Jax handle it?

Tara knows she has to stay but this didn't come as much of a surprise? Liking Jax's honest, Tara realises that she has him for good saying “He's mine”. Has Tara kept copies of the letters? After all Gemma assumes that she destroyed the really dangerous stuff and that Jax has the rest. Any “new” letters could kick-up a shit storm. Why did Jax put the letters in the tool box? Maybe he wants someone to find them?

In the final scenes, we see Jax ascend to the Sons of Anarchy throne and choosing to bring Chibs in as his right hand replacing Tig. This season Chibs has grown closer to Jax and the Sgt at arms position role seems a perfect fit. Tig had to be pushed aside, after all he is a bit of a loose cannon and the biggest support of Clay and will now have to find his place in the club. This could be interesting next season if Clay and Tig reunite and cause friction in the club. As the rest of the guys file into chapel, we Happy and Juice enter seemingly pleased with the new President and taking their seats. As the clock ticks, we see 3 empty spaces at the table. We know where Clay and Bobby are but with Opie turn up before gavel strikes? As the tension builds the doors open and in walks Tara. A bit of a surprise but the unification of the new King and Queen at the head of the table re-creating the photo of JT and Gemma, we can see that a new era is about to commence. What is interesting is to see the reaction of the others as this takes place. Tig and to some extent Happy and Chibs seem less than impressed to see a old lady enter the inner sanctum as they are about to begin. Will this be an issue for the club? Will Tara have more power than her predecessor? Gemma seems torn, while proud for her son, is Tara stepping over a line? May we see Gemma try to guide Tara into the type of old lady she wants, or does Tara now have the power to resist?

As the end approaches, we still have 3 empty seats at the table, still baring the scars of this year and no sign of Opie. Surly he will show up as Jax and Opie have reconciled somewhat. Even though Jax couldn't inform Opie about the Cartel issues, their friendship seems strong and the two of them working together is just what the club needs to guide it into a new era. Sounds, like there will be no new prospects to increase the numbers, but instead some nomads will join SAMCRO. This year the sons have taken a hit on man power loosing Piney, Kosik and the prospect so a few nomads will be a welcome addition.

What place will Clay take when he returns? He is the only one of the first 9 still at the table but he won't take the Piney role of the elder statesman, will he? I would like that role to be filled by Booby, unless he ends up inside as the new Otto(after he gets his wish). Will the club do anything about Otto? After all his end date is already set.

We also hear more great music and a re-writing of The House of The Rising Sun, with perfect lyrics for Sons and Jax.

By the end of this episode we are left with a whole pile of questions and the show set-up well for season 5. Which can't be here soon enough. At the end of the season, I'd say that it is the best yet for Sons. Some think season 3 was a blip but I liked it. The finale wasn't as tense, griping and suspense filled and the penultimate but, getting 90% after 100% the week before always feels like a bit of a let down. Well done to the Sons team and here's to another 3 seasons of SOA sitting pretty. Just mind the bullets.

If September for US fans is too long to wait, there is always WTFSutter each week and a planned behind the scenes which shows, the making of the 5th season and is due to begin airing around July. If you're in the UK series 5 will return to 5USA later, either late 2012 or early 2013.

What do you think? Let me know what you think below in the comments or on twitter @thetvking

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