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CSI Miami -Stoned Cold - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 6th March 2011

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At a happening high school pool party, mean girl Blair drives up in her Mercedes. She insults everyone cruelly and tell the hostess to make her a martini with an olive. Blair targets a new girl and says she invited her. She says she's the entertainment. Blair is a flawless blonde in a designer suit and heels in a high school pool party, a bitchy snob.  Blair

befriends the new girl and grins evilly as she does so.
Next scene, Blair wakes up tied to the goalpost on a football field. Screaming in anger, she gets stoned and injured while screaming. All the while the voices says what a cruel girl and bi*** she is. Next day the crowd of kids gathers around the body in daylight. Horatio and the team gather the body, close off the scene and talk to the principal.

The CSI's find her car at the party house the night before. The coroner finds cause of death blunt force trauma. Fibers of blue were found on the rope used to tie her, found in a garage.

The hostess says Megan Wells hooked up with half the football team on her parents's bed and Blair kicked her out. But the girl she was seen kicking out was tricked by Blair into attending. The girl, Emily, was conned into going into the bedroom with three football players Blair told to come and "collect' for the invite. Natalia Boa Vista questions Emily alone after her parents object to Horatio's tactics.

Principal Lieber says Horatio has his work cut out for him. He got tons of complaints about Blair. But her parents threatened to sue if he tried to suspend her. The CSI lab finds a CD found at the field with the voice of a young man, Nate,  she harassed. They find him and realize Blair may have gotten what she deserved. Ugly pranks were her specialty. He says he was talking to Principal Lieber, who says that he was recording it for the school board.

Nate says Blair took his clothes and towel while he was in the gym shower and then pulled the fire alarm. Every kid in school never lets him forget it. He says he wanted to kill Blair but his mom stopped him and he's seeing a therapist. Principal Lieber says that he did not kill Blair, but he thought about it. Delko gets a full copy of the recordings from Principal Lieber's hard drive. Horatio and Eric hear Emily and Nate in the same meeting, they knew each other and were enemies of the murdered girl.
Horatio produces the cd player found in her car to Emily. She and Nate denied killing Blair but went out together to get the contraceptive because Emily was nervous about the outcome of her party behavior.

The CSI lab find that the rope was tied by 2 people at the goalpost. When Walter analyzed the knots he realizes more than one murderer was at work. When Horatio presents the CD player found in her car to Emily, she confesses strangely. Horatio knows she is covering up for someone.

But the recordings were made by the principal without their knowledge. He says Blair knew he was building a case against her. She threatened to accuse the principal of sexual assault. But she was really upset that Blair tricked her. H knows that more than one killer was at work. H knows Emily knows who the killer is. Natalia traces the DNA from the headphones. It belongs to Emily's father, who also drives her car. Horatio puts the parents of Nate and Emily and waits for them to crack. He also produces a microrecorder of them talking about the murder.

Horatio pieces the story together. Nate's mother says that they took Blair and made her listen to the CD of the principal's recordings. He told the parents what was going on. But that night Blair was laughing at them and insulting them, even while tied up. She didn't get the message. Blair told the parents their kids were losers because they did a bad job raising the kids. So the parents started throwing the stones and left when she was dead. The kids stare in horror and the principal is wide eyed as the parents are walked off in handcuffs.

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